COVID19 Control and its affects on London

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the Conservative government and Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, have made several changes to the freedoms of the British public.

17th March 2020 – Khan announced a reduced service on the London Underground.

Reducing the frequency of trains on the London Underground only helped Khan to reduce the cost of running the service. They is no way reducing the train service could benefit public health. One could even argue that the result would be more overcrowding on trains in areas with less transport links.

Reducing the service also impacts upon drivers pay and living conditions. Running the service in the first place is a massive threat to public health especially the via any tunnel systems as the lack of ventilation increases the transmission risk of germs, colds and flu.

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Why Sam Smith is a Problematic entertainer!


Sam Smith is the third cousin of British entertainers Lilly and Alfie Allen. Smith was born in 1992 to Frederwick Smith and Kate Cassidy who worked as a broker. Smith grew-up in a privileged, upper middle-class, Cambridge family. Smith attended a posh school in the Hertfordshire countryside away from the pollution of the big bad city singing musical theatre and opera. Continue reading

Brandy – Borderline (Review)

Borderline‘ is the groundbreaking second single from Brandy’s seventh studio album ‘B7‘. The track was co-written by Brandy and Darhyl “DJ” Camper, Kimberly “Kaydence” Krysiuk and Al Sherrod Lambert. Camper also produced the track alongside Brandy and the late-great LeShawn Daniels from the Darkchild family!

Camper is a young talent from New Jersey, best known for his collaborations with artists including; Mariah, Mary J Blige Keyshia Cole. Some of Camper’s stand-out tracks include; Continue reading

Toni Braxton – Gotta Move On (Review)

Toni Braxton has made several cool and firm appearances on the 2020 music scene with her 10th studio album ‘Spell My Name‘ August 28th. Since signing with Island Records in April 2020 Toni has dropped her chillin’ lead single ‘Do It‘ which also has a jeep rockin’ remix with Missy Elliot.

This review focuses on Braxton’s sultry and sexy ‘Gotta Move On‘ which features the up and coming artist H.E.R on guitar! Take a listen to the track below while you read my review;

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“Black Lives Matter London UK” My Reaction

Lockdown Class-Wars!

I have been documenting my lockdown observations. I notice interesting things and sometimes take photographs of what I notice. I have been taking photographs for a while; and now is a good time to review each image and publish them.

The image below was taken on Saturday 11th April 2020. The location of this image is on an estate in east London. The subject is sitting on the dirty floor besides what seems to be a bottle of hand-sanitiser.

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