Black British Woman 79 attacked by East London TMO in Tower Hamlets.

I have posted a video blog below from BlackBright News which futher explains the situation.

Why the term “Mixed-Race” is Racist!

The next time somebody uses the term ‘Mixed-Race’ to describe themselves or other individuals I challenge you to ask question “What race other than human are you talking about?“. Race was socially constructed by early Europeans to devalue and elevate human beings based upon physical attributes, national heritage and religious values.

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Kinshasa, black father holding his albino toddler

(Albinism) BLACK MAN the father of ALL SHADES of Child

Officially there is only one human race! The colour or hue of ones skin, does not change the race, of that particular human. The hierarchy of shade of skin, is influenced by biblical text and colonial rule. Europeans have long associated; pale skin, bread, rice and hair with being; spiritually pure, good and being closer to God.

“Cleanliness is next to godliness” John Wesley: (1778)

The term ‘Mixed-Race‘ is offensive to all human beings. ‘Mixed Race‘ promotes a fascist, neocolonialist ideology; whitewashing imperial history, while providing, ‘White privilege‘ for a minority of individuals, who fit the European prototype of beauty and acceptability. Continue reading

The Real Reason STAR Got Cancelled

Lee Daniels is the main reason the ‘Fox Entertainment Group‘ television series was cancelled. Other factors include Rupert Murdoch’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox by The Walt Disney Company which took place March 20th 2019. The sloppy script writing throughout Season 3 and a crazy decision to end season 3 with a blood-bath wedding is the main reason that this television show will not survive a network buy-out.

Lee Daniels

When Lee Daniels premiered the first season of ‘Star‘ December 14th 2016 it was a refreshing move. Daniels flagship show ‘Empire‘ was starting to turn into the ‘Jamal Lyon‘ show as Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson acting credentials were being derailed by mainstream Hollywood cameos from daughter of Bruce Willis, Demi Moore and son of Tom Hanks. After Empire’s network debut on British television the show lost its authenticity and crossed-over into Jerry Springer world with cliche & tacky soap-opera story-lines.

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The London Motor & Tech Show 2019

On Saturday 18th May I attended ‘The London Motor & Tech Show 2019’ at the London Excel Centre in East London. I enjoyed this day trip, it was a chance to experience being up close and personal with some of the latest automobiles on the market. The technology of some the car accessories was state of the art.

Upon arrival I could sense the excitement in the exhibition halls. This was a family event ideal for people who enjoy photography and the odd freebie. The highlight of the exhibition was the indoor race track which allowed patrons to sit in the passenger seat with a professional stunt driver.

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Elemis Musclease Active Body Oil Review

I have recently reviewed ‘Elemis‘ Musclease Active Body Oil on my YouTube channel and I have posted the video below so that you can enjoy my product review.

Antonia Burrell Holistic Skincare Forest Dew Skin Conditioner – Lotion Hydratante

I have been using Antonia BurrellForest Dew‘ for over 6 months now and I have to say that I fully endorse this skin conditioner. I have recorded a video below with my review of this skincare product.

Zero-Hour Hell

Right now as I write this post I am sat at a desk in a call center. I have lost all motivation to do the job and will not book any shifts next week. I am rebelling from the powers that be and refusing to play the game.

In this employee hell which I am living, I no longer choose to be the prawn in this game of psychological chess. The targets set are beyond logical and reasonable remit and are used as a weapon to scold members of staff. In this Zero-Hour hell, having a bad day can result in being sent home early without pay.

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