R&B is Dead!

Today while I was visiting The Singersroom I came across an interview with an up and coming artist from Southern California called Havana. In her interview she was asked “Do you think R&B is dead?”

Havana did not answer yes to this question but I did sense a negative vibe from her when referring to the state of the music industry. In response to this question I feel like the music industry has many innovative and original artists in existence.

Many of the real R&B artists in my opinion are overshadowed by the commercial market but that does not mean R&B is dead!

R&B is all about community, heart and soul. R&B is all about lyrical content and the effect it has on individuals, families, communities and nations. Most authentic R&B artists exist without the accolades and awards that many mainstream ‘R&B’ artist get in the music industry.

Chart positions play too much of an important role in the fate of many talented R&B artist, but hardcore R&B audiences understand this and still show support in the artist they like even if the artist is not longer in rotation.

The commercial market is unforgiving in the way is reproduces songs and extracts what is popular from soulful sounds. Artists like Beyonce, JLS and Alexandra Burke may be selling for the masses but also contribute to the future of R&B as they give unsigned and underdeveloped talent something to reflect upon in terms of establishing art that is more authentic and soulful.

This is just another form of capitalism and the legacy of the imperial structure of society from the eighteenth century. No matter how you look at the situation its all down to the listener to educate themselves on what is real R&B!

I have put together a list of artist’s past and present who I think deserve recognition for the role they have played in creating, innovating and progressing R&B music;

Teedra MosesComplex Simplicity

Complex Simplicity



Latoya LuckettLady Love


Trey SongzReady

Trey Sonz

TankLove, Sex Pain


MaxwellBlacksummers’ Night



If your a fan of the more commercial R&B then this is your time to check out so more real authentic R&B music made by artists who have something creative and different to offer in comparison to anything in the UK Top 40 chart (JLS, Alexander Burke or Cheryl Cole).

And if your someone who likes to complain about R&B being dead why not start to support these artists by going to see them when they are performing live in your town.

Happy Surfing

Until next time.


  1. March 27th, 2010

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