Love Hurts!

Inspired by my previous blog titled ‘R&B is Dead!’ I went off on one of my youtube never ending journey’s flicking through clips of R&B artists trying to establish which were in my opinion credible and authentic.

On this trip I faced a further dilemma. One of the artist on my list of authentic R&B artists, was receiving a lot of criticism on the youtube blogs. I couldn’t understand why people were being so rude!

The artist in question is Nivea. But what was all the fuss about? Well she had a baby after a divorce. Yeah that’s it really!

Ok maybe that’s not the full story!!

Nivea’s Ex-Husband is the R&B singer and super producer The Dream. And if you did not know well now you do. He is the man behind Rihanna’s Super-Hit ‘Umbrella’ and has also produced some Nivea’s music. Yes Nivea was married to The Dream and they have three children together. After the split The Dream moved on to Christina Milian who gave birth to his fourth child.

After Nivea’s divorce with The Dream. Lil’ Wayne and Nivea recently became proud parents of a healthy baby boy. Lil’ Wayne had another child in the same year by another women and is now in prison.

SO thats all the B.S! Out of the way.

I think the critic’s need to grow up. People get together and sometimes split-up. Thats life! What that has to do with the quality of the music they produce is NOTHING!

Nivea’s new music video ‘Love Hurt’s’ is quite self explanatory if you ask me. I think it highlights the dynamic to the word love. The video is an emotional roller-coaster and compliments the lyrics. Watch the video below. And look out for the cameo.

If you listen to this song maybe you’ll understand how Nivea the artist feel’s about her situation right. I must say I respect her courage to talk about something so raw and she is artistically very bold. I think the picture they have painted is strong and emotionally and vocally significant.

The art direction of ‘Love Hurts’ is reminiscent of the Junior M.A.F.I.A videos from the late 90’s era; ‘Get Money’, ‘Need you tonight’ feat Aaliyah, andPlayers Anthem‘. I have posted two of Junior M.A.F.I.A’s music video’s below for you to compare the costume and shots of Lil’ Kim.

Get Money

  • The setting pretty much has the same feel
  • Big mansion
  • Ghetto fabulous clothing (focus on Lil Kim’s Style)

Players Anthem

  • Yet again I think Nivea was inspired by Lil’ Kim’s Styling
  • The swagger is pretty much simular to in both video’s

Nivea has not only expressed herself in an authentic fashion, she also proves to the haters that she does not care what people say about her because she is in control of her own destiny.

In a media obsessed with perfect families and happy endings I think that Nivea transcends the boundaries that people have tried to place her under. She has displayed a strength and maturity about love and relationships that is more common in the real world rather than in celebrity dreams.

Just because you are not sexually involved with someone does not mean you can not love and care about them. Love is a strong emotion artistically this video is a winner. It may have low commercial value but it is a heartfelt, honest and authentic representation of love and life.

Nivea keeps it real yet again and sings from the heart. And this is why I think people need to back off with the rude remarks; look beyond Nivea’s personal relationships and think about their own relationships with the people they care about.

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