Radio GaGa!

Ever found your self searching through the music television stations looking for your favourite jam but in the process felt like giving up because all you seem to find is Lady GaGa music video’s!

In the UK we have a free digital television service called Freeview. For those of you who do not know: there are only two music video channels on freeview which predominately play pop music.

There is an urban radio station on freeview called 1Xtra. But the problem with this station is it is run by the BBC and this influences the type of music they can play.

The music on 1Xtra is more focused on the UK urban music scene which is constantly redefining itself while being in competition with the other music genre’s. You are less likely to hear an exclusive R&B or Hip-Hop record on radio 1Xtra. Depending on the subject matter of the record it might get limited air play.

If you are looking for authentic R&B or Hip-Hop music without having to subscribe to the main British media content providers Sky or Virgin you are going to need some help. This is where I come to the rescue.

Through the recommendation of a friend I came across

  • Listen to new tracks online
  • Request your songs for free
  • Access the site from your mobile phone
  • No subscriptions fee required
  • Guest book/Online community
  • Big Choice of audio channels/formats

The magic of internet radio is that it is a free service that you are in control of. You decide what type of music you want to listen to. Also there is not an abundance of advertising. You can relax and chill out without listening to cheese (Crap music).

There is nothing worse than sitting indoors and depressing yourself through the lack of choice Freeview provides to its audience who are assumed to be lacking in any decent taste of music.

Check it out-

Until next time happy surfing


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