A Work Of Art

Ever heard of Mona Lisa?


What if I told you that she was not the creation of Leonardo da Vinci What would your answer be?

How about 1996 recording artist ‘Mona Lisa’

Well that’s who I’m talking about! The first single ‘Can’t Be Wasting My Time’ featured The Lost Boys and was taken from the album “11-10-79” . ‘Can’t Be Wasting My Time’ was recorded when this young lady was only seventeen years old. This song was just a small introduction to the vocal capabilities of this young diva!

The rest of the album was not as heavily influenced by Hip-Hop like the first single which sampled Hip-hop icon KRS-ONE‘s “M.C’s Act Like They Don’t Know” which I have posted below.

The Stand Out Tracks from Mona Lisa’s “11-20-79” are;

  • Sweet Memories
  • Where I Wanna Be
  • Im Not Your Girl
  • Keep Fallin’

This album highlights Mona Lisa’s vocal range, power notes and harmonies. With this album Mona Lisa gained her place within the R&B hall of fame. Her first single was a highlight of 1996/7.

Recording this album at the tender age of seventeen has certified this album as a work of art. It tells the story of young love in the ghetto with a reminiscent old school flavour. “11-20-79” Titled after Mona Lisa‘s date of birth is certainly a classic album.

After Mona Lisa‘s record label folded Def Jam took over the artists on Island Black Music! Mona Lisa now records music independently and posts updates on her myspace page. So check it out!

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa

  1. cool song but even better video

  2. @Kseverny Thanks for commenting. I like the video too!

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