Join the Glee Club!

Ever wanted to perform a song but forget the lyrics?

Ever wanted to perform a song but had no instrumental track?

Ever wanted to perform at karaoke but couldn’t find one to go to?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this article is for you.

Last year I came across a web site called SingSnap. On this web-site users record karaoke versions of their favourite music and post it online. The recordings are then posted on to the sites forum where other users can listen to your catalogue of recordings.

The actual recording process is quite fun. While recording you have the choice to use a web-cam to film your performance. You can edit your voice and video web-cam using special effects during your performance.

While singing your vocals the lyrics appear on the screen in time with the music. You can adjust the lyrics to full-screen view to make it easier to read. All you need to record is a basic microphone although there are some users who uses full studio equipment when recording.

After recording the vocal’s you have the opportunity to listen to your track before posting it onto your online profile. Once you are happy with your recording you can allow others to listen to your track.

Other users are allowed to rate your performance and leave comments next to your recordings. The feedback is usually positive or constructive. Other users may also ask to record a duet with you.

Yes you can also record duets!

I recommend this website to people who want to express themselves vocally, set themselves a challenge, have fun or just showcase there talents to others. This web site is full of it!

SingSnap also offers a chat-room with live singing forums, were members wait in turn to give a live performance. There are also many singing competitions being held by members across the world where you stand the chance to win a gold membership.

The gold membership entitles users access to more advanced editing tool’s unavailable on the basic membership. With the gold membership you can change the pitch of the record. There are also exclusive tracks that only gold members are allowed to record.

The gold membership sounds amazing but you can still have more than enough fun using the basic account which also happens to be free. Why pay to sing an exclusive when you can sing a classic?

Join the international community of singsnappers, sing your way to stardom and promote your online portfolio to producers, songwriters and new audiences. You can also link your recordings to your FacebookMySpace or Twitter.

Want to here an exclusive performance of Rihanna’s ‘Rude Boy’?

Check it out on SingSnap: CLICK HERE FOR SONG!

  1. This does sound like fun! Seems like a great tool for aspiring professionals and music enthusiasts alike.

    Although I LOVE music, sadly I can not sing, and subjecting others to my clips would be cruel.

    I will be checking it out thought… Thanks for the cool post!


  2. @A.J Fung LOL!!!

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