Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” by Sapphire

After watching Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” by Sapphire I have to say I was left feeling very sad. I only watched the film due to a friends recommendation and have never heard of the book.

Gabourey Sidibe who played the lead role of Precious was definitely the best person for the role. Sidibe and Mo’Nique brought the house down literally with their brilliant mother daughter performances. Not to forget the  fantastic unexpected cameo from Mariah Carey who proved that she can act way better than the critics have previously stated.

The film is about the harsh reality of life for a young disadvantaged girl growing up around two crazy parents in the ghetto. Precious is not a film for the weak-hearted! It certainly picks up the emotional baggage left behind from the film ‘The Colour Purple’ and throws it at you in an urban setting!

This film has won two Oscar’s and has a big reputation for making people burst into floods of tears. While many may not admit the effect this film has had upon their emotional state. I have put together a poll which will find out how we all reacted to this films sad story.

Please feel free to vote. All answers will be anonymous. So there is no need to worry if your going to get called a cry-baby by all your friends. Also try your best to keep your answers as real as possible.

Hope you enjoyed the vote

Until next time happy surfing.


    • vishsofly
    • April 23rd, 2010

    I blogged about this a while back on a (now defunct) online blogazine. (
    Anywho, I saw the movie and I wasn’t as shocked or upset by it as I thought I would be, mostly becauseI heard the book was really bad and I didn’t want to read it because I have an over active imagination and there are some things that just don’t need to be marinating in my head. But, Mo’nique’s performance was Oscar worthy and I’m so glad she won. Wasn’t it surprising to see Mariah check her ego at the door in this?

    • Thanks for your reply, it good to hear someone else’s opinion of this film too. I look forward to seeing more films that challenge the standard of film we are used to watching from Hollywood.

  1. This film was so amazing but brutal… I must admit for some reason I didn’t merely cry as much as I did in ‘My Sister’s Keeper.’ and it baffles me why? but I enjoyed the film. The acting and cinematography of the film was excellent. It clearly represents the problems in society we have today, and also shows that a ‘mother’ isn’t always a mother. It is commonly stereotyped that a woman would never do anything to hurt their child that they carried for 9 months and gave birth to, but for most cases it isn’t the case; this film significantly shows that the woman who gave birth to you isn’t necessarily your mother too.

    • vishsofly
    • April 24th, 2010

    Agree with Sam Lam. Who remembers the book ‘A Child Called It’? I think that story says it all. I never read it all because it literally made me sick, I couldn’t process the abuse and what makes it worse was that it was a true story. And it just makes you think how can a mother, the woman who, after 9 months of carrying and enduring the pain of birth put her child through what can only be described as torture – and just like with Precious you’re sitting there reading/watching and hoping and praying that they get their happy ending and justice is served, but the sad reality is that this almost is never the case.

  2. thanks for the warning i wont watch it.

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