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Disrupted narratives

On Wednesday I attended an Art exhibition at the University Of East London’s AVA Gallery entitled ‘Disrupted narratives‘.

Flyer of Info

Disrupted narratives

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Pure Hype-Talk!

In this era of mass communication I understand that we all want to connect with each other and I’m not too old school to get down with the online methods of chit-chat but I’m getting kinda tired of the culture of online beg-friendship! I have nothing personal against Facebook, Blackberry Chat and all the rest but I think some people are using these facilities to over massage their egos! Who on earth really has over 200 friends all of whom they know by name? Continue reading

Digital Economy Act 2010

The inter-net police are after you! Now you have to be extra careful about what you do with your mouse because if you click on the wrong box it could be over for your internet connection!

The British public will be under scrutiny for there musical tastes and desires to watch online media in the comfort of their own homes. Due to the high number of internet users downloading free media content big businesses have found a way to fondle the government into developing a Digital Economy Act which gives the government the power to stop and search our computers at any time for content which has been downloaded for free! Continue reading

Poetry in Motion

Poetry is life!

From Hip-Hop to film poetry is the tool for communicating real emotion.

There are many who believe they have no understanding of the natural rhythm  of words yet at the same time they appreciate the poetic flows of rappers like Jay-Z, Tupac & Biggie Smalls. Its not just the music industry that is full of poetic language but also television and film are visually encoded with poetic meaning within the scripts and visual production of films like Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter and The Matrix.

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Human Rights For Child/Sex Abusers?

The Supreme Court have ruled it is illegal to force sexual offenders to be on the British sex offenders register without the right for an appeal to be taken off the list!

Supreme Court London

Inside the Supreme Court

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Nike Grid

While walking through Elephant and Castle in Central London I was asked by a promoter to take a leaflet for an event that was about to happen. I was interested by this upfront style of marketing which forced me to take on board the information from the modern designed promotional box on the street.

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Rush Hour

The London Underground is really messed up. Is it just me or does anybody else think it gets a little too crowded on the London Underground?

"The Victoria Line"

God Help these people if that train breaks down!

Trust me after today’s journey to and from Elephant and Castle I have been left feeling slightly off-key after what me and two other friends experienced on a central line carriage crammed full of commuters.

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