Nivea – Zodiac (What’s Your Sign)

This track has been on replay for the past two weeks its not going anywhere fast either. The flow delivery, harmonies and subject matter is sick! The track is called Zodiac by Nivea.

It’s a promo single for Nivea’s anticipated album Purple Heart.

Take a listen to this infectious track.

After listening to this track I’m sure you be walking around singing the hook “What’s your sign, your sign?”

This tune is a classic. There have been many zodiac song’s from artist’s like Beyonce and Tyrese but this one is a stand out track for 2010.

Zodiac was originally recorded by Nivea’s ex-husband The Dream who also provides some of the backing vocals. The vocal build up is amazing you just have to keep pressing replay to hear the vocal changes and thats what I’ve been doing all week!

If you want to hear The Dream’s Version click below:

I must admit The Dream’s version is cool but Nivea’s vocal abilities surpass his by far! Point Blank!

Anyway now you have heard both versions you can vote on which Zodiac song you prefer. I have added two more Zodiac songs below.

Tyrese-Signs of Love Making


This is a hard one to tell the truth. I love all these tracks! But the vote is on! Its time to make your opinion known! Hurry up and  vote!

Thanks for voting.


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