Rush Hour

The London Underground is really messed up. Is it just me or does anybody else think it gets a little too crowded on the London Underground?

"The Victoria Line"

God Help these people if that train breaks down!

Trust me after today’s journey to and from Elephant and Castle I have been left feeling slightly off-key after what me and two other friends experienced on a central line carriage crammed full of commuters.

I know everyone wants to get home, but is there not a chance of waiting for a train that is a little less crowded?

The Good Old Days!

Hardly anyone around!

London Underground B4

Try and get home now!

I mean I understand that the London Underground system is like over a century old and when it was built there was no knowledge of how many people would be using the train service in the year 2010.

But even waiting on the overcrowded platform at Elephant and Castle was petrifying I mean I remember hearing stories on the news about innocent people being pushed off the platform in front of a moving train. What about the train coming off the tracks on the Central Line in East London forcing passengers to walk on the rat infested train track to get out of the tunnel!

London Underground

Passengers Walk Home on Train Tracks!

and not to mention the time I decided not to get on the train minutes before the London train bombings of 2005.

Panic attack is not good enough for what I experienced toady. How about “pyco-flash-back-attack!

Train Attack

Bet she won't get the train again

So once the train arrived me and two other people I was travelling with foolishly decided to jump on the train regardless of the lack of capacity on board yet I have to mention the other group of friends who also felt the need to jump on the train did not help either.

Once I was on the train what I saw freaked me out! Is there such a thing called “Train-Festish”?  You know people who enjoy being squashed up next to a complete stranger. You know the type, jobless no need to get the train in the rush hour, no friends, no sex life, trying to find the right spot to stand next to a stranger. Strange!

No Air

Too close!

What I’m saying is, I usually drive and in the very rare occasion I do happen to get the train like today! I think I gonna take the quite route or better yet I might even get the bus. Because I’m not into close proximity travel. I really think they should start putting up warning posters during the rush hour because this is a real problem and it needs attention!

  1. you should take a trip in metro of kolkata during office hours. 🙂 🙂

    if you come down to kolkata ask me, i will show you around in kolkata and you will know what a packed up subway train or bus looks like.

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