Nike Grid

While walking through Elephant and Castle in Central London I was asked by a promoter to take a leaflet for an event that was about to happen. I was interested by this upfront style of marketing which forced me to take on board the information from the modern designed promotional box on the street.

After unravelling my surprise package at home I discovered that I had been accosted by a Nike representative and on reading what looked like a street map of London was confused as to why I was handed this information. The main word that was being used on this pamphlet was ‘GRID’. I understood that the event was an outdoor event but I was  not sure about why there were rules and a map on the page so I decided to go to the web-link.


  • London is your game board.
  • You have 24 Hours to claim your streets.
  • 40 Postcodes across London.
  • North. South. East. West.
  • 4 Grid phone boxes in each postcode.
  • Run between them. Score points.
  • Run More Score More.
  • Badges awarded for speed, endurance and stamina.
  • Play for your Postcode.
  • Get the glory. Claim the Crown.
  • Game begins: 8pm, Friday 23rd April
  • Register for your unique game code at
  • To Score points, dial 08000 14 13 12 Plus your code
  • At the start and end of each run.

Once I went on to the website everything made sense to me. Nike was staging a London-wide race. This event was to encourage young people to engage in a competitive run where they could win fame and glory within their community. I was pleasantly surprised by the planning that had gone into advertising this event.

If I am honest, I did not really like the video on their web-site but at the same time I found the silly ghetto talk from the stereo-typical black boy quite amusing. They actually had footage of my local area in the video. Maybe they can pin point your area through your laptop’s ip address.

I am interested in registering for this event. It’s a positive activity for young people to get involved in. I feel like there is a lack of activity’s for young people and a running competition is an excellent way of bringing people together and allowing them to have fun.

If your interested in taking part in this event then go to NIKEGRID and register your details.

  1. cool way of advertising 🙂

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