Poetry in Motion

Poetry is life!

From Hip-Hop to film poetry is the tool for communicating real emotion.

There are many who believe they have no understanding of the natural rhythm  of words yet at the same time they appreciate the poetic flows of rappers like Jay-Z, Tupac & Biggie Smalls. Its not just the music industry that is full of poetic language but also television and film are visually encoded with poetic meaning within the scripts and visual production of films like Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter and The Matrix.

The elite attention focused on classic poetry is enough to discourage any normal person from finding out new and undiscovered talent around them and even prevent raw talent from experimenting in producing their own private or public masterpiece.

I have always loved ryhme from a young age. I still enjoy being able to correctly guess the next lyric in a rap-song or predicting the last word of the next line of poetry. Poetry allows an audience to understand the perspective of the artist/poet.

A conventional poet will use predictability as a tool to involve the reader in the development of meaning whereas an unconventional poet may want to establish a different way of seeing the world by using less predictable rhymes in order to justify a non-conventional way of thinking!

I also like when words sound alike and are used in the same sentence! Assonance is a cleaver method of bringing emotion into the flow of the sentence through repeating the vowel sounds. This method of poetic language involves a lot of creativity and thought and when its done tightly it feels and sounds good to an audience when read aloud.

Alliteration is a popular method of poetry which is fun when watching performance poetry! It’s nice when performance poets use movement to engage the listener into the rhythm of the poem. Performance poetry is astounding because the performance of the poet brings a new dynamic to the poem!

Through live performance poetry you are allowed to see a human soul unravel in front of you. You are allowed to experience a form of group therapy as you discover new way of understanding your world through onomatopoeia (Words that sound like their meaning-think of rapper Missy Elliot.), exaggeration(to emphasise a point) and personification (describing things as people) and many other ways of artistic expression.

I’m not going to sugar-coat the issue. The fact is some people do not understand what poetry is! They feel that it is mainly in the form of classical poetry from back in the day. What many people need to realise is that poetry plays a part in our every day lives. Metaphors are constantly used to redefine meanings whether you are looking at an advert in the newspaper or listening to your favourite song on your I-Pod your constantly decoding the meaning behind the representation of life in front of you!

Below I have posted two live poetry performances from JonasMcCloud of CloudFistConceptz from Hackney. I think you will enjoy the depth of this producer/poet/performer.

Watch as Jonas recites an ode to London in the first video clip of him live on a Berlin stage without a notebook. The second clip is a live open-mic performance of Jonas McCloud in London for Writers Block.  Now it’s time to take a look at some Poetry in Motion…

Berlin Performance

London Performance

  1. Poetry is a significant new form of expresseion. It’s true that people don’t even acknowledge that poetry is a part of their lives because creators name it something else. Poetry and spoken word is truly inspiring and is really entertaining. Some, including myself never thought of poetry and spoken word as a form of entertainment but since working at a cultural arts centre ‘Rich Mix’ it is truly worth experiencing! Next time you get the chance try it out!

  2. I agree with most of your views. people act too naively on internet sometimes.

  3. wrong number, above one was for your post on facebook and orkut era.

    but i agree with your views here too, as i myself dont write as per any rules- i prefer writing whatever i feel like. both in prose and verse.

    i believe everyone has a right to do so. to create his/her own style in every form of art.

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