Digital Economy Act 2010

The inter-net police are after you! Now you have to be extra careful about what you do with your mouse because if you click on the wrong box it could be over for your internet connection!

The British public will be under scrutiny for there musical tastes and desires to watch online media in the comfort of their own homes. Due to the high number of internet users downloading free media content big businesses have found a way to fondle the government into developing a Digital Economy Act which gives the government the power to stop and search our computers at any time for content which has been downloaded for free!

Yes only in Britain would such a capitalist idea have the opportunity to run wild through the houses of parliament and become Law! OFCOM the independent telecommunications regulator and competition authority for the communication industries in the United Kingdom have the responsibility of handing out fines to Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

The Digital Economy Act 2010 gives OFCOM the responsibility to fine ISPs up to £250,000 for not acting against their customers who do not pay for downloading online media. Obviously not all ISPs are happy about playing piggy-in-the-middle between the law and their customers.

ISPs are expected to spend extra money on administration including; data transfer surveillance,  sending warning letters and technical management which would allow them to adjust internet speeds and also cut off internet connections.

Talktalk are furious about the nature of Digital Economy Act and the responsibility it has placed on IPS to police their customers internet use. Andrew Heaney from Talktalk managed to get over 35,000 signatures for a petition at 10 Downing Street. The petition represented the many individuals who where unhappy about being cut off from the internet without a fair trail.

Imagine you may be innocent but unable to prove your innocence, or what if someone else misused your internet without your permission. It not unlikely! Accidents happen! Sometimes we make mistakes-including the people who work for the ISPs.

The Open Rights Group protested outside parliament in March 2010 against this Act! The fact is the Digital Economy Act was rushed through parliament with support from the conservative front bench has left a bad taste in mouths of many!

This act was inspired by the 2009 Digital Report and Queens Speech. The first reading of the Bill was presented in the House Of  Commons 16 March 2010 with the second reading on 6th April 2010 with conservative support. The general 2010 election is a key reason behind lack of time spent on discussing the act.

Both Sky and Virgin Media are supportive of the Digital Economy Act but also want to persuade and not force their customers to stop using illegal online content. Talktalk do not believe that cutting off internet connections and banning people from using the internet is the way to tackle online copyright problems in the UK.

Personally I think there are much more important laws which need to be passed. The government talk about downturns and economic crisis but turning ordinary people into criminals in their own homes is taking things a little bit too far. Most people have broken copyright laws at some point in their life!

Maybe they should set up a copyright church where you can go and pay for forgiveness! That way the government could make more money from the unemployed and working class people while teaching them how to obey the law! You never know the digital sin bin may just be round the corner.

    • vishsofly
    • April 24th, 2010

    WTF. The government are not serious at all, they got time to pass stupidity laws like this? How can they possibly monitor what the whole country is doing at any given moment? So does this mean that if I download a song P2P I could get arrested but if there’s a paedophile searching kiddy porn or a terrorist searching how to make the perfect bomb they walk free? The fu*k does the queen know about the internet? Wasn’t she even asking for more money to live off of? The way I didn’t even watch her gotdamn speech. The government need to stop wasting taxpayer’s time and money passing stupid ass laws like this and focus on the real issues affecting the country.

  1. politicians have too much free time, they should be made to work in docks five hours each day.

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