Pure Hype-Talk!

In this era of mass communication I understand that we all want to connect with each other and I’m not too old school to get down with the online methods of chit-chat but I’m getting kinda tired of the culture of online beg-friendship! I have nothing personal against Facebook, Blackberry Chat and all the rest but I think some people are using these facilities to over massage their egos! Who on earth really has over 200 friends all of whom they know by name?

The first question I need to ask is What is a friend? Well if you don’t know the answer to this question then you need to get out more!

First of all a friend is not somebody you have randomly met on an internet website and have not or do not socialise with in the real world!

Secondly a friend is not somebody you poke once a month to say hi or to get attention from!

And thirdly friend is not an accessory that you can add to make yourself look good or delete depending on your outlook on life!

A real friend picks up the phone to call you every now and then-to ask you, “How are you doing?” If your lucky they may even ask to see you sometime; It’s really that simple!

Have we all gone insane in the membrane in a new era of post-modern loneliness? Attached to our laptops and Blackberries?

We all seem to prefer advertising our lifestyle on the internet like an advert for soap powder to everyone in our little online world without thinking twice about the consequences. We seem content with being stalked by a bunch of unknown predators posing as friends.

This new age of laptop-voyeurism allows us to perversely engage with endless streams of half naked photographs innocently taken on the beach in some hot country of our so called friends.

Maybe we need the attention  because of our anti-social, boring, recession-filled, work-study lifestyles. Or Maybe we try to emulate a MTV lifestyle similar to your favourite episode of ‘my super sweet sixteen‘ or ‘cribs‘. But the truth is we just end up looking sad and desperate in photographs taken in half empty parties which were over-hyped on some sad sadistic Facebook events page.

And another thing nowadays you can’t seem to go to any decent raves without some wiredo taking out a digital camera in the middle of the dance floor to incriminate everyone by posting sweaty drunken pictures on Facebook, Flicker or Bebo! Not to mention people tagging you into photos without your permission!

What ever happened to privacy? Did it just disappear like all the old red BT phone boxes? Remember back in the day when you said you would meet someone at 3 o’clock and they would just be there-and if they didn’t turn up the freindship was over! Well things have taken a mighty u-turn in the so called modern future. Now you can cancel by text message while your so-called friend is on their way to meet you on the bus!

You can even dump your partner by text or via your face book status! Has the world gone mad?

The government want us to be aware of people who act strangely in public. We have to start looking out for the dangerous people who may attack at any moment in time!

Does that include people on Facebook who chat up all the good looking (Vain) people on your friends list behind your back? Or that Friend with two accounts and a double life? What about your ‘Friend‘ that has an undercover crush on you and gets off by staring at photos of you and your family while thinking of ways to attack you if you say no to that date their thinking about asking you out on in the summer?

Lets not forget idiots who use Blackberry messenger while they are driving! It looks like this friends situation has got way out of hand! Or maybe its a good way of policing the community! I feel safe knowing that at a party any potential killer will be identified from a bunch of photos. If no one gives evidence of the incident then the police will use Facebook to arrest everyone from photographs who withheld evidence!

I mean think of all of the photographs you have online! Remember the ones you forgot you were tagged in!

I mean would you go to a police station or to an art exhibition and hang up your private family photos? So why have you have posted them online for every other random person to look at even if you block your photos they still aint 100% safe.

If you have any incriminating photographs they can be used against you as evidence in court. And as for putting up photos, if you post all your party pic’s up just remember they become public property meaning anybody can copy and past images of you and use them on other internet website which could contain sexually suggestive material.

I will leave you in the hands of Mary J. Blige who will sing to you about her experience of friendship and provide her definition of a friend!

  1. people give away too much sensitive information on net. i agree with you.

    i too prefer friends who contact me daily or atleast alternate days- through messages meant for me.

    • Thanks for your comment! I am happy there are others who share a similar opinion. Don’t believe the hype!

    • yewande okuleye
    • April 29th, 2010


    You raise some important issues here. I think we need to revise the term to something like “digital friend” to gain a better understanding of what is happening in the digital landscape. it is fascinating how the boundaries are becoming blurred and confused regardimg our relationships and connections to each other.You might want to look at scholarly research being conducted about this notion of ‘digital friends’
    I have just coined that phrase and you might want to check if and how it is being used out there. dana boyd is a good start for scholarly publication on Facebook

    • I think ‘Digital’ is a good definition but I’m not sure if it refers to my mobile phone, lap-top or someone I have met through the means of digital technological communication. I will read up on Dana Boyd and goggle digital friends to find out more about this expression. Thanks for your comment.

    • Kaycee Uma
    • April 30th, 2010

    It’s exactly as u put it – post-modern loneliness or what I’d like to call ‘digital loneliness. It’s what the society has made out of the new generation…trying to reduce them all to single, unsociable individuals stuck infront of the computer all day and having no real life.
    And don’t be surprised yet cos u know it’s going to get worse with the whole 2nd life/virtual world thingy being seriously developed in Japan. In 50 years, the world’s just going to be filled with fat slobs stuck on their seats infront of their computers, unable to lift their own damn weight.

    • I see where your coming from with the Second life virtual world; Facebook is just the start of this discourse of digital loneliness! Thanks!

    • Karl Chads
    • June 2nd, 2010

    This may be controversial, but I think a lot of how you interact on Facebook depends on whether you’re a man or a woman. Just looking at the profiles of women I know on Facebook, you’ll see that they have a lot more Facebook friends on average than the guys.

    Much of this is because if you’re a young woman, men who you don’t know well generally want to add you as friend for certain, shall we say, romantic potential, and women want to add you as a friend because it’s another friend on their books so to speak. This makes the guys obsessively add friends because they don’t want to be seen as not having many friends.

    Me; well, my Facebook friends list is pretty much people I know well and a few others.

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