Disrupted narratives

On Wednesday I attended an Art exhibition at the University Of East London’s AVA Gallery entitled ‘Disrupted narratives‘.

Flyer of Info

Disrupted narratives

I was invited into the worlds of six artists who were all expressing discourses of culture, personal journeys, representation and identity through their Art. Initially I was unsure how these themes could be expressed through Art.

Reflecting upon my prior knowledge of classic high Art at the national gallery in London’s Charing Cross I predetermined Art to represent values of the upper-classes who could afford to produce the Art we see in the classic galleries. On the other hand I had attended a post modern music event at the Tate Britain which was less about high-society. The Tate Britain music event included guest speaker Jazzie B of Soul II Soul and opened my eyes to the other side of the Art world which was more avent-garde.

My experiences of Art are unique to me and I suppose that’s what really matters the most to individuals when viewing Art. My interpretation of art will always be different to everybody else due to my personal experiences and interpretations. Maybe that is what is so special about spending time looking at Art. If we can all individually gain a personal reading from someone else’s narrative then maybe the producer of the art has achieved something?

I documented some aspects of the exhibition so that readers of my blog could get the opportunity to see what the exhibition was like and maybe get the opportunity to go an see the exhibit. I managed to speak to all of the Artists who contributed to the private viewing of ‘Disrupted narratives‘. The exhibition is on display until 4th May 2010 at the AVA Gallery, University of East London, Docklands Campus, E16 2RD.


Fiona Carson

Fiona Carson

Fiona Carson

Katie Gilman

Katie Gilman-10,592

Katie Gilman-10,593

Ann Haycock


Ann Haycock-Mound

Carole Luby

Carole Luby

Carole Luby

Sue Manchoulas

Sue Manchoulas

Sue Manchoulas

Yewande Okuleye


Yewande Okuleye-Hippocampus

In my coverage I spoke to each Artist about their inspirations and processes behind their Art work. I received feedback from some of the guests who attended the private view on the 28th May and I also took some photographs of some of the art on display. The private view included live performances from Carole Luby and Sue Manchoulas & Caz Wolfson. The live performances were extensions of the Art work and stimulated the viewers understanding of the art around them.

Each Artist has studied a BA in Fine Art. With a mixture of hand crafted exhibits and video performances, ‘Disrupted narratives’ is an exhibit which captivates your eyes, eardrums, sense of smell and hands. ‘The Mound‘ exhibit allows viewers to interact with the Art itself in order to stimulate a reaction. All of the Artist’s work separately but together they share similar questions of belonging and female identity. I highly recommend visiting ‘Disrupted narratives‘ before the 4th May 2010. I will post the interviews  of this exhibition online for those of you who won’t get a chance to see the exhibition.

    • Fiona Carson
    • May 4th, 2010

    Well done Robert, enjoyed reading your blog and admired your singleminded commitment to our show and your professionalism . Look forward to seeing the interviews on-line.

    • Thanks for your comment. I can’t wait for the video to go online. The unedited footage is great.

  1. the pictures look quite interesting and attractive- i am not an expert in art, so…. i love every thing my eye loves.

    thanks for sharing the experience.

  2. you are welcome.

    • yewande
    • May 5th, 2010

    Hi Robert

    Liked what you have done with the image of disrupted narratives. You definatly have an eye for design.
    You voice on your blog sounds very direct and punchy.
    I like it.Will visit your blog from time to time.

    Thanks for the energy you brought to this project

  1. June 17th, 2010
  2. June 25th, 2010

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