Ann Haycock

This is an interesting interview with Ann Haycock who displayed two pieces of her work (‘Mound‘ & ‘Bite/Spit‘)  at the Disrupted Narratives exhibition.

Ann graduated from the University of East London in 2006 with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art. At the present Ann is studying a MA in Fine Art at University College Falmouth where her research into everyday items such as clothing and seeds inspires her contemporary works of art.

The installation titled Mound incorporates a collection of Ann’s second hand clothes combined with forty packs of cress seeds. The visitors of the exhibit are invited to water the heap of clothes enabling the seeds to germinate and grow into edible cress.


Ann Haycock-Mound

For Ann Haycock the Mound represents an interface between people and their reactions to the natural world. Through looking after an inanimate object, made from clothes with an unknown history, “..New life will spring forth, and in so doing, encourage a fresh exchange of ideas.” (A. Haycock. 2010)

The second installation titled bite/spit was developed a month before the Disrupted narratives exhibition during a seminar at University College Falmouth. Ann was seen wearing clothes covered in cress seedlings.

Using non-verbal communication Ann would eat the cress when a positive remark was made towards her work within the exhibition room; and in contrast if a negative comment was made Ann bit and spat out the cress. Ann’s different style of behaviour allowed her to engage in a discussion without verbal communication.

Ann Haycock is interested in finding different ways of communication and mixing them with actions and reactions.

“During daily life these activities often go unnoticed, but when singled out, they take on new and interesting meanings.” (A. Haycock. 2010)

You can find out more information on this artist at:


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