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Paying Homage

Today I feel like its time to throw some light on aspects of the music industry and its preoccupation with young talent. From the likes of Nicki Minaj, Drake (Young Money) it seems that they are intent with promoting a new movement which represents an in with the new and out with the old mentality. I feel like the young black generation are missing a piece of the puzzle.

In trying to gain attention and mainstream fame they are neglecting the very basic duty which all humans have to do; which is paying homage. In order to excel in life it is necessary to acknowledge those who have laid the foundations apon which you walk on.

I’m not  just bleating on about Nicki Minaj vs. Lil Kim which is a microcosmic aspect of my point! What I am mainly talking about is the discourse of history which is neglected by the younger generations. We live in society which is full of instant gratification, sampled music, credit cards and free sex. People are growing apart from their knowledge of their past.

I believe today it is time to start paying homage to those who have helped you achieve your goals and contribute to the person you are today.