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Avatar – A tale of many narratives

I have just finished watching Avatar and I must say this film was very touching. I feel like I have experienced what it must have felt like for the native Africans during the European Encounter of Africa in the Colonial 16th Century. The war scenes were extremely powerful. The theme of technology vs nature was also very touching. I recommend this film not just for this narrative interpretation but also for the artistic nature of the cinematography.



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Hidden Histories (Vol. 1)

If I was given £1 for each time I was asked ‘Where do you come from?‘ I would be a millionaire. Throughout my lifespan as a black man born in Britain I have constantly been reminded that being black and British are two things which the majority of the planet find hard to conjoin together as one. To be honest it’s not as if there is much commercial evidence of a black presence in Britain across the world in the mass media. You only have to analyse the British media which is exported around the globe and you may have a problem trying to identify a black person yet alone any type of Black British sub-cultures which may exist on a national level in Britain.

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Racist Police In Great Britain

Just after the British police battled to save their public image with the re-trial and jailing of two members of the gang of racist thugs who stabbed Stephen Lawrence to death in 1993 and got away with it for nearly 20 years; negative relations between the police and the black British public seem to have declined yet again. The 1997 Stephen Lawrence Inquiry conducted by Sir William Macpherson titled, ‘The Inquiry Into The Matters Arising From The Death Of Stephen Lawrence’ found that the Metropolitan Police was ‘institutionally racist’ Continue reading

Racial Cliches Challenged From A Black British Perspective

After posting my last blog post I have been inundated with responses on Facebook and Twitter. One response in particular from  a family member accused me of ‘baiting’ the ‘race’ issue! This did not sit well with me because as far as I was concerned my blog was written in response to Dhaliwal’s article in the Evening Standard. Continue reading

The BLACK Outrage over Nirpal Dhaliwal!

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Sadly Yesterday I came across an article in the Evening Standard newspaper which was very dire. For those of you who may not be from London or the UK. The Evening Standard is a free newspaper available from vendors outside London Underground stations. The Evening Standard newspaper was previously sold in newsagents but since the introduction of the IPhone, IPad & Kindle newspapers have been struggling to survive the technical boom of recent times. Now advertisers pay free newspapers for advertising space while the articles mainly revolve around infotainment stories aimed at uneducated audiences. Continue reading