The BLACK Outrage over Nirpal Dhaliwal!

Dear reader,

Sadly Yesterday I came across an article in the Evening Standard newspaper which was very dire. For those of you who may not be from London or the UK. The Evening Standard is a free newspaper available from vendors outside London Underground stations. The Evening Standard newspaper was previously sold in newsagents but since the introduction of the IPhone, IPad & Kindle newspapers have been struggling to survive the technical boom of recent times. Now advertisers pay free newspapers for advertising space while the articles mainly revolve around infotainment stories aimed at uneducated audiences.

The article painted a fascist view of the ‘black’ community as criminal minded and evil. This article written by Nirpal Dhaliwal was perfect for a right-wing audience with nationalist and anti-immigrant views. The headline ‘Where is the black outrage over Thusha’s Shooting’ caught my eye on the way to work as I sat on the London underground Train during the rush hour.

It was whilst I was sitting on a congested carriage that my mind started to wonder. I began to question how the people with ‘white’ skin where viewing the people of ‘color’ who were on the train. It may sound a bit deep but since 9/11 and the London bombings I have sometimes wondered while travelling on public transport if I am being watched by over zealous passengers who may mistake me for some type of terrorist. The feeling of being investigated, watched or reported-on gives me the creeps, it almost makes me feel like I have the status of an animal trapped in a cage.

Well for your information I do not carry a gun and I am not a terrorist! I would guess that most Londoner’s travelling around the city during the rush hour are just normal people going from A to B. But not everyone in the public sphere see’s things in this way.

Anyway I made it my personal plan to grab a copy of this terrible newspaper which I avoid reading unless I’m looking at  any photographs which may catch my eye while sitting on the train. The day before there were photographs of Rihannah taking the London Underground to a Drake concert at the London O2 Arena.

Maybe its because I have studied the news agenda, race and representation, public relations and political communication on my BA (Hons) Communication Studies degree that I have become disillusioned with the press and journalists in Britain? Or maybe its because everything I read sounds like it has been typed from a press release which has been emailed into the editorial team by some two bit PR company trying to sell something to the masses?

Anyhow the article in question started banging on about the 2011 Mark Duggan Murder by MET Police Officers and compared this incident with a horrific shooting of a young girl of ‘color’ from south London. Dhaliwal stated;

“This weeks report into last summer’s riots found that the shooting of Mark Duggan was apparently the last straw for a black community under siege from the Met and its stop-and-search tactics.”

Firstly I want to know who this ‘BLACK’ community are? Are they a group of people hanging around public spaces similar to the MET Police Force? Are they a political party sitting in the house of commons? Are they a bunch of people from Africa or the Caribbean? Are they evil sinners who have not been blessed by God? Or are they simply anyone who is not White?

If being part of this ‘BLACK’ Community is just a matter of not having ‘white’ skin then surely Nirpal Dhaliwal needs to take a long hard look in the mirror and ask himself “Am I Black?”. He would most probably call himself ‘Colored’ which as most people know is a racist term most self hating people of ‘color’ use to refer to themselves. If you bother to understand the political definition of the term ‘black’ you then learn that it has less to do with the shade of someones skin and more to do with their cultural heritage and political state of mind.

The problem with this article is that it highlights a problem that exists among people of ‘color’ and that’s the issue of shadism. Shadism is when those of a lighter shade of brown or black convince themselves that they are more civilized and have more class than those of a darker complexion to themselves. Obviously this is a ridiculous concept which has been and is always fueled by racism and a fascist ideology commonly promoted within the British media.

I understand life must be hard for Dhaliwal being the minority at work and only getting the opportunity to write articles centered around ethnic issues but this article is a desperate attempt to get attention. I know the new tax year is on its way and he might have huge bills to pay trying to maintain his lifestyle but trying to take the moral high-ground while demonizing a whole section of the planet is just dumb.

I’m surprised Dhaliwal has not written an article called ‘Where is the Muslim outrage over 9/11’. Its obvious that Dhaliwal is just a tool for the Evening Standard. Its clear that the Evening Standard need to look over there standards of news reporting. This article is highly unethical and reminds black people that being black can feel isolating at times and that we can identify what it feels like to be oppressed by those who are ‘white’ and most unforgivably by those who are not!

If you want to read this stupid article, Google it! Because I refuse to copy and paste that dirt into my blog. All I am saying is know who the real enemy is! You shouldn’t need to be told who to fear because you should fear no one but yourself and your own actions.


    • Jade C
    • March 30th, 2012

    Do u know what i totally agree with this article because I was just disgusted and outrged about what I read on the way home from work yeaterday

    • Outraged Black Mother
    • March 30th, 2012

    As a black professional, mother, wife and contributor to the black society I am in total agreement with your view of the article posted in the evening standard. The Evening Standard reporter Nirpal needs to know that not all in the black community are gun totting black Momma’s and poppas. I think it is absolutely disgusting for him to assume that he has an understanding of how the black community throughout the UK views what happened and his article has just served to further alienate the black community in a society that has for years despite what is said and the laws that have been put in place perpetrates racism consistently in various forms. My suggestion is that Nirpal needs to firm up his understanding of the black community before writing and article from which it is clear that he lacks understanding and is promoting racist ideology.

    Outraged black mother.

  1. March 30th, 2012
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