Racist Police In Great Britain

Just after the British police battled to save their public image with the re-trial and jailing of two members of the gang of racist thugs who stabbed Stephen Lawrence to death in 1993 and got away with it for nearly 20 years; negative relations between the police and the black British public seem to have declined yet again. The 1997 Stephen Lawrence Inquiry conducted by Sir William Macpherson titled, ‘The Inquiry Into The Matters Arising From The Death Of Stephen Lawrence’ found that the Metropolitan Police was ‘institutionally racist’

Since the 1997 Macpherson report, the Metropolitan Police have tried to shake off their world-wide reputation of being anti-black with patronizing government funded PR campaigns targeted at the ‘youth crime‘ and the so-called ‘black‘ community. The lack of police presence during the 2011 UK riots effected ethnic and working-class areas which were publicized on ‘twitter‘ and ‘blackberry messenger‘ hours and even days before the riots spread across the UK. The concentration of police in upper-class ‘white’ areas did not help improve matters at all between the police and working class ‘black’ people.

Now almost one year later there is new evidence of Metropolitan police officers being racist and violent to a 21 year old ‘black’ man in East London during the riots. A recording has been publicly released as the ‘Crown Prosecution Service‘ have failed to deal with the offending officers when they were notified about the issue by the’police complaints commission‘. So there you have it if you have any problems regarding being stop-and-searched or detained by the police force it seems as if though the ‘Crown Prosecution Service’ will not be of much help unless you have a mobile phone and the media to help you fight your case.

One of the offending officers previously escaped charges from the CPS; but it seems that now that the audio evidence of this racist attack is publicly available something is going to be done about the matter. Yes this is a common scenario which often takes place in Britain between the police and ‘black’ youths but many do not have recordings of there torment. The recorded evidence has been released online and was played today on the ITV news.

I’m guessing now the police will start to search for mobile phones and confiscate them in order to protect themselves from any tricky court cases. One great thing about technology is that it helps to expose fascism in all places even when people from ‘the old boys network‘ think that they are running things and they can get away with it. Welcome to the new Britain; its a place where we all deserve to be treated equally regardless of what color you are. If you want to listen to the recording I have inserted the clip below.

  1. “Low Whistle”

    • Stevie Robinson
    • March 31st, 2012

    you might find this radio 4 show from last year interesting, talking about the brixton riots in 1981. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00zl4dq

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