Rihanna – Pour It Up (Review)

Rihanna has done it again. Yes! She has sung another hit record called ‘Pour It Up’! Right now this song is on repeat constantly. Produced by Michael ‘Mike Will Made It’ Williams and co-written by Rihanna herself this track gives the recession two fingers up as she proclaims ‘I still got more money’ after each bar of her verses.

Pour It Up

“I Still Got More Money”

The instrumental track is gutter, dark and evil. The beat brings out the ghetto side of your persona making you arrogantly nod your head in a cocky fashion. A killer 808 baseline is accompanied with an obnoxious solo hand-clap which mimic’s a sexual Rated R blue movie soundtrack. The childish three cord lead melody flows up and down forcing you to bounce like a three year old in a Stephen King horror movie about to get killed by a clown.

Rihanna_-_UnapologeticThis song is hater proof, perfect for driving your whip around town, windows/roof down system loud just before you park-up to pay a fortune for your parking space (London). All the remixes to this song bang too, Rihanna sounds good alone or with rappers including Lil Kim, Lil Wyane and Young Jeezy.¬†Even though you know you don’t have ‘more money’ the lyrics make you feel like you do have ‘more money’ especially when you press repeat to hear Riri tell you her story again.

This song is further proof that Rihanna is a beast in the studio and can practically make a hit out of singing the phone book. Yes Riri uses auto-tune to create new sounds but it suits her and she knows how perform her songs live to the effect of sounding natural. This song is yet another must for your MP3 player. If you can’t keep up with her hits you’ll simply get left behind.

This track is a certified strip-club car banger, recession proof, hater proof anthem!

Let all the haters around you try and bring you down while you remember the lyrics of the track and get ready to play it out loud while singing ‘I still got more money’.

Yes people have condemned capitalism and marched down the streets in protest against the rise in tuition fee’s but the bankers got bailed out in the end. Most of us hard working types work more and more hours as the years go by and don’t get the time to enjoy the little money we make, even with haters hating so I guess this song tells you if you can’t beat em join em (the capitalist class) as life is tough enough!


ALBUM: Unapologetic

YEAR: 2012

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