Nelly Furtado – Showtime (Review)



Showtime is a classic R&B slow jam layered with sophisticated Janet Jackson style harmonies. Nelly Furtado showcases her full vocal capabilities on this track with a natural laid back R&B flow and sexy harmonies. It’s a shame that this track did not get released as a single but I get the feeling that Furtado’s record label may have had concerns with her artistic direction.


Nelly Furtado – Showtime

Nelly is more renowned for her pop music singles and I believe that her label felt that this track was too ‘black‘ to release as a single. The irony is ‘Showtime’ is probably one of her best vocals of her entire career. Even the live rendition of the track shows that Nelly is much more than a maneating popstar.

Canadian singer Nelly comes from a mixture of cultural backgrounds. She showcases her true persona on this record. I like the inclusion of the interracial dancers in the live performance along with the wedding theme at the beginning. I like what Nelly stands for and feel she was way ahead of her time with her creative ideas and maybe her record label didn’t share her vision.


Nelly Furtado

‘Showtime’ is produced by super-producer Floyd Nathaniel Danja  Hills who initially started off as a one of Timebrland’s (Timothy Mosley) rookie producers until he branched of to work with Britney Spears giving her a club smash with ‘Gimme More’ (2007). Showtime is about an undercover relationship which is getting serious with the protagonist deciding to go public with the relationship. The track was co-written by Nelly and is a slow jam meltdown.

The highlight of the song is the bridge which builds up into an orgasmic peek with soprano lead vocals and harmonies melting together. When Nelly performs this live she is unbelievable you can tell that she is a true artist who writes and arranges her own material as she takes control of her live vocals.


Nelly Furtado R&B songstress!

Nelly has worked with Missy, Timberland and other urban artists. Although we know she sings many different styles of music she has never done anything like this before. Nelly sounds mature and ready for love on this record. Nelly has 100% earned her title as an R&B singer with this record.

This track is a classic R&B joint and great for those late nights in when you need to relax. I do appreciate Nelly’s pop songs but ‘Showtime’ is defiantly a stand-out track for her. I would pay to hear this song live and look forward to what more Nelly is going to bring to the table in the future.

Check out the live version below:

TRACK NAME: Showtime

ALBUM: Loose

YEAR: 2005/6

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