Epic The Movie 3D – The Review

Today I took my little nephew to watch Epic in 3D. One of the main things which caught my attention about this movie was that it featured a performance from Beyonce. I did not expect too much from this film because it was aimed at children. I was surprised to enjoy the storyline and cinematography I am seriously thinking about buying ‘Epic’ on DVD.


Epic The Movie

Whenever I take my nephews to the Odeon I always purchase the ‘premier‘ seats because I believe life is too short to be cheap when taking your brother or sister’s children to the cinema. The ‘premier’ leg room is fantastic and they are positioned in the best position in front of the screen saving you the hassle of seat hunting in the dark. ‘Premier’ tickets make the quality-time spent with loved ones more special which is very handy when dealing with young children.

Anyway the film is excellent! It is set in two dimensions which combine during ‘Epic’ magical moments. I would describe ‘Epic’s’ narrative as an interpolation of ‘Alice In Wonderland’, ‘Avatar‘  and ‘Honey I Shrunk The Kids’. Beyonce does not take over this film in fact her character and voice just add extra cool points to the film along with her co-stars Collin Farrell and Steven Tyler.

Beyonce is Epic

Beyonce is ‘Epic’ in the movie

All the characters in this movie contribute to the emotive journey that you will be taken on. Mary Katherine a.k.a M.K and her friends fight to protect the magical forest from the evil destruction of the evil Mandrake and his crew. It is nature vs. evil is this ‘Epic’ film which in 3D keeps the momentum going with the spectacular graphics by ‘Blue Sky Studios‘.


Epic The Movie

This film contains many sub-narratives which deal with; family, loyalty, death, technology, war, tradition and survival. I can’t say too much without giving away the plot but I will be purchasing ‘Epic’ on DVD when it comes out. I like the focus on nature overcoming evil and the two dimensional plot.


Epic The Movie 3D

There were almost three points of the film where I felt genuinely upset but the comedic writing/timing soon adjusts the mood back from tragedy to normality. The humour works for children and adults often providing balance in a film which could leave both depressed without the laughs included. At the end of the 102 minutes you will yearn for more as the films two dimensional story lingers in your mind while Beyonce sings an excellent new song ‘Rise Up’ over the credits.

Watch the trailer below:

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