Fat Joe – Ballin’ ft. Wiz Khalifah & Teyana Taylor (Review)

Fat Joe is back on form with a new refined image and a bag of new flows to match. This time around Fat Joe has replaced the ‘Terror Squad’ with Wiz Khalifah and Teyana Taylor who feature on his hot new track called ‘Ballin‘. To be honest the songs major selling point is the video which I have posted below.



This collaboration is hot! Not only does ‘Ballin’ mix the old school with the new school artists the cinematography of the music video is off the chain. Fat Joe has used the star power of the featured artists and along with himself they have all flowed outside their comfort zones.


Fat Joe, Wiz Khalifah & Teyana Taylor

Ballin’ provides a powerful line up of talent and makes a refreshing change from watching Lil Wayne and Young Money brag about how much money they have got. ‘Ballin’ goes toe to toe with other contemporary rap crew singles and the line-up of talent could prove a successful formula for future collaborations.

The slick, digital beat, dibbles alongside a pounding baseline which Ms Teyana Taylor provides a hard-hitting femme fatale hook for. I believe Teyana goes hard on this track although it would have been nice to hear her spit a 16 bar verse. She does an excellent job on the hook and her new image and voice remind me of old school Murder Inc artist ‘Vita‘.


Teyana Taylor sitting on da hoop!

Wiz Khalifah does his thing he looks a bit lost in the video but he gets by with a little help from his hip-hop friends. Trey Songz makes a cameo appearance in the ‘Ballin’ video with two kissing girls. Some of the video vixens look good and others not so hot.


Kissing girls with Trey Songz

The track is hot and some bars sound like subliminal shade is being throw at Lil Wayne and the Young Money Team. Joe makes references to Nicki Minaj even copies elements of her bars from the past tracks including Drakes ‘Up All Night’ which Minaj features on.

If you read between the lines Ms Taylor could be dissin’ Minaj bar for bar on the hook aswell as sounding explicitly sexy. Taylor even does her own ‘black barbie’ dance routine with a gangster swag. Without Taylor this track would not carry the same weight, she is defiantly the icing on the cake with her new grown up image and rap style.

Gangster pose

Looking slimer

This track is only the begining of a new breed of rap which is not focused on billboard chart positions and media hype. Don’t call it a come back cause Joe already been on! Watch out for ‘Ballin’ from Joe’s untitled eleventh album dropping soon.


ALBUM: Untitled

YEAR: 2013

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