Chronixx – Start A Fyah Mixtape 2013

For all you music lovers who are tired of listening to artists rap about how much their ‘Ballin‘ or how much to ‘Pour It Up‘ there is a refreshing antidote in the form of an outstanding Jamaican reggae artist called Chronixx.


Chronixx – 2013 Tour

Chronixx provides the next chapter to ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill‘ which never quite received the follow-up the masses expected. Chronixx continues Bob Marley’s legacy of producing conscious reggae music that speaks to people from marginalised groups of society. Chronixx is an essential part of the modern rastafari music scene and is blowing up across the world with his new music.

In a world full of convoluted music being sold online accompanied with expensive music videos. Many black artists seem to be more interested in their fame rather than spreading a positive messages to their fans. Chronixx performs his poetic lyrics about; society, religion and love over reggae and hip-hop instrumentals spreading concious vibes through your speakers.



Chronixx is defiantly not motivated by fame; listen to ‘Capitalists‘ and you will hear lyrics discussing the bailing out of the banks and the affect this has had on everyday people. ‘Rain Music‘ is a romantic love song with a Timberland style beat which Chronixx has dedicated to a woman he loves. ‘Behind Curtain‘ is his dance-hall smash which highlights the contradictions of friendship and trust.

There are many gems on the Chronixx – ‘Start A Fyah Mixtape’. The ‘Start A Fyah Mixtape’ contains remixes and dance-hall versions of the original album tracks.



I have posted the ‘Start A Fyah Mixtape‘ below. I urge anybody who listens to this to either purchase the album version with the original tracks or to go support Chronixx at his live shows. Chronixx is not an evil capitalist but we want him to be able to make more concious music for our minds and that will require some our support.

Enjoy the mixtape below.

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