#Jewmaican a.k.a Moni Tivony

Sean Paul in Israel

Sean Paul in Israel

Yes they do exist! People of Jewish origin who live in Jamaica. Like in most other countries around the world Jamaica has synagogues and a small Jewish community. Although these individuals may follow the Jewish religion most are happy to identify with the country of their residence. So if a Jewish person lives in Jamaica then they would usually identify as Jamaican.

Shagga Paul at the Western Wall Israel.

Shagga Paul at the Western Wall Israel.

Jamaica is a multicultural country, this is due to our colonial past where European nations plundered the country, divided the people and tried to rule until 1963. After 50 years of independence Jamaicans are very proud to identify as Jamaican and would not have it any other way. Jamaica is a country with its own parliament and it is in the transition of developing its economy in an international market.

After spending 8 weeks in Jamaica with family and friends I was deeply annoyed to hear pop star wannabe Moni Tivony badly attempting to sing ‘No Woman No Cry‘ by the Great Bob Marley on The Voice UK. To add insult to injury I noticed Mr Tivony and his fans referring to him as #Jewmaican on Twitter. I don’t have a problem with people wanting to be Jamaican because they love the country but I do have a problem with The Voice UK’s gimmicky selection process.

It seems to me that The Voice UK are struggling to find a hardcore audience so they are trying to find new ways to annoy the public into watching there tired format of a show. This is evident with the producers choice of judges and the acts which are allowed through to the live shows. With rumours that The Voice UK is a fake talent show I am not surprised with the hype they try to generate with their fad acts and judges.

With so many ex-signed recording artists and has-been’s entering this show is there any point in holding open auditions when BBC producers can just walk into Universal records and collect all the shelved artists? The amount of gimmicky people who appear on the show is unbelievable. Apparently this show is ‘All About The Voice‘ so why do so many good singers get sent home?

The Voice

The Voice UK

I don’t understand why people over the age of 50 never seem to make it through to the live finals. This seems like another age discriminative show with a lack of cultural diversity. I am bored to death of watching ex-west end performers and ex-pop stars battling for their second chance in the limelight.

Going back to the Moni Tivony issue; I probably would not be complaining about him if The Voice UK had a good selection of reggae artists who made the live shows but they never have. The judges seem to obsess over mediocre ‘Beyonce/Mariah/Justin‘ Style voices; if singers are not shouting their heads off or singing in a weird drug influenced manor the chairs never spin around!

The Voice

The spinning chairs

Unlike pop music, reggae artists do not need to sing in soprano all day long or have a 3 or 4 octave range. Just listen to Bob Marley, Chronixx or any other reggae artist and you will understand that having lots of range doesn’t equate with having talent or a voice. This is the problem with The Voice their not interested in the depth of the voice but the range.

The Voice, like the BBC does not connect very well with the British public or the real world. This is why Leanne Mitchell’s debut album is being labelled an embarrassing flop and The Voice had to cancel their 2012 UK tour. The Voice producers need to give the public more control over who makes the live shows. The public should be able to save three acts who are not selected by by the judges and mentor these acts by voting their song choices and styling.

FOR THE RECORD I am in no way stating that Moni Tivony is not talented; in fact I like his voice. I just wished that the producers allowed more; alto, baritone, reggae and ethnic contestants on to live shows on The Voice. Moni can sing but I would take him more seriously without all the Jamaican gimmicks.  You can find out more about Moni Tivony’s music here.

    • Anna
    • June 7th, 2013

    Hmmmmmm…. If you knew ANYTHING about Moni, you’d know that he was known as a ‘Jewmaican’ waaaaaaaaay before The Voice. He was given that nickname years ago by his followers and it stuck

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