The Backlash of “The Purge” (Part Of A The Hollywood Agenda?)

The Purge

The Purge (A Bad Influence?)

Forgive me for sounding like a conspiracy theorist but after watching the trailer for upcoming 2013 thriller ‘The Purge‘ I was concerned about the message this ‘Universal‘ film is sending to society. My concerns led me to think about the recent ‘Woolwich Attack‘ in London and the 2012 ‘Batman Killer‘ massacre in Colorado.

I feel like some films do more damage than good; in terms of the message they send to normal people and the mentally disturbed.

The Purge‘ looks very entertaining and realistic due to the concept of social unrest which some of us experienced during the ‘2010 London Riots‘, ‘Twin Tower Attacks‘ and ‘July 7th London Bombings‘. My main concern with the following trailer is the way in which it can come across as glamorising mass-killings, murder and social unrest.

If you are easily disturbed by violence please do not watch the following  movie trailer.

Personally I’m not too keen to watch ‘The Purge‘. This utopian society of 2022 where every March 22 ‘All Crime Is Legal‘ is a very unsettling film concept for me. I know ‘The Purge‘ is not real but I feel that it almost makes a mockery of all the horrific crimes committed in our society such as the African slave-trade and the Nazi concentration camps in Germany.

The Purge

Their Allowed To Kill You (Today) Run!

The casual acceptance of violent crime is what some critics are up in arms about. Many people believe good can not exist without evil but I believe this film exaggerates and naturalises evil acts as ‘normal‘.  Who knows if the next mass-killer will be going to the cinema to watch this film?

It won’t be funny or entertaining if this film does get mentioned in the next high-profile court-case. We all need to remember that the horror film ‘Child’s Play 3‘ was claimed to be an influence in the murder of James Bulger in 1993. Maybe in the light of recent major events in the United Kingdom this film should have been pushed back or even banned in respect of Drummer Lee Rigby who was murdered in a such an evil and public fashion.

Below I have posted a video from a religious critic of ‘The Purge‘. You can watch this video and make up your own mind whether or not your going to watch ‘The Purge‘.

  1. All this desensitizing to violence can’t be good for our society. I will also protest by not watching this movie. Thanks!

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