The Man Of Steel?

The Man Of Steel?

Why oh why, OH WHY do they keep making remakes of this film? Please give us a break! I will be giving this film a serious miss. There are only so many times I can watch Superman nearly die then survive to live again in yet another remake.

I have had enough of all these superhero remake movies lately. I think it is defiantly time for movie producers to stop living in the 1950’s and create new super-hero’s. The 1950’s may have been times of major technological change and the rise of comic book hero’s but we need more! We need new female super-shero’s and Black super-hero’s (Other than Will Smith) to fight against modern issues of today and to represent societies underdogs.

We need a brand new superhero for 2013 to stop the austerity measures which global governments insist upon making. Lets call him the ‘Banker-Man‘! With one click of his fingers ‘Banker-Man‘ can cure all third-world debt and eradicate all government deficit when times are hard like today.

Below you can watch a clip of ‘Deficit Hawkman‘ who would make an ideal super-villain for ‘Banker-Man‘ to destroy!


All evil capitalists exploiting the working classes and developing countries will be exported to the planet Krypton to work in the Kryptonite mines until they change there mentality. The mass-production of Kryptonite will prevent another boring remake of ‘Superman‘. With his magical powers ‘Banker-Man‘ can transport Kyptonite to any location a ‘Superman‘ remake is being filmed.

Unlike ‘Superman‘, ‘Banker-Man‘ has a wife and children so he doesn’t need to live a double-life increasing his popularity among women. ‘Banker-Man‘ does not have a ‘Jesus Complex‘; so he is more down to earth, he likes to smoke natural weed from Jamaica, listens to hip-hop and sometimes visits the strip-club. ‘Banker-Woman‘ unlike Lois Lane is not a submissive women looking for a man of mystery; in her spear time she is an international R&B star with multi-platinum albums and lots of male fans.

Possible Modern Super-Hero's?

Possible Modern Super-Hero’s?

Banker-Man‘ and ‘Banker-Woman‘ are not against profit, just the evil capitalist who made money through war, slavery and international fraud. They are not interested in taking over from the powers that be but when there is mass-unemployment, sickness and social-unrest they step up to the plate to put things right.

I may have not thought through my concept of a modern superhero very deeply but I hope it sounded more interesting than ‘The Man Of Steel‘.

Superman 3

Superman 3

After Christopher Reeve (RIP) played ‘Superman‘ from 1978-1983 it was a rap! Any man who thinks they can; ‘add-to‘, ‘out-perform’ or ‘remake’ Reeve’s original portrayal of ‘The Man Of Steal‘ really needs to go see a psychotherapist. Its disrespectful to the original audiences for Warner Bros to think that they can exploit the success of the original ‘Superman‘ films. I will not be going to watch Henry Cavill prance around in his sily ‘modern’ cape I’d rather watch the original Reeve films instead. Zack Synder (Director) you need to sit down!

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