Introducing Tiara Thomas

Tiara Thomas

Introducing Tiara Thomas

I would like to take the time to introduce a breath of fresh of air for 2013. She is the singer, songwriter, guitarist and rapper by the name of Tiara Thomas. Tiara has been on a path of self-discovery using social-media as a platform to perform cover-songs and original material.

Tiara introduced herself to hip-hop artist Wale in 2009 after his concert in Atlanta. A few months later Tiara was performing at the New York Highline Ballroom as an opening act for Wale, Diggy Simonds, J. Cole and Fabolous. After setting up a relationship with Wale’s ‘The Board Administration‘ in 2011 Tiara appeared on Wale’s single ‘The Cloud‘ from his ‘More About Nothing‘ Mix-tape.

Tiara Thomas originally wrote Wale’s new single ‘Bad‘ for herself you can watch her perform the original version here. As times have changed so has the relationship between Wale and Tiara and she is no longer featured on her record ‘Bad‘. Recently ‘Bad‘ has been remixed a third time and Tiara’s vocals have been re-recorded by Rihanna.

Whatever happened, all I can say is that Tiara’s ability to play the guitar and write hot verses can not go unnoticed by the industry or the public. Tiara is in a lane of her own and she will not need anymore help to get her recognition. I will be keeping you informed about future material from Tiara in the meantime enjoy listening to ‘Bad‘.

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