Unsigned Sundays – Word 4 Word

Word 4 Word

Open-Mic Night, Theater Royal Stratford East.

Last night I attended the brilliant ‘Unsigned Sundays – Word 4 Word‘ poetry slam/open-mic night at the Theater Royal Stratford East. This fantastic free event was hosted in an intimate bar by; Award-Winning, World Slam Champion, poet, playwright, comedienne (et al.Kat FrancoisI was invited to this amazing event by the skillful spoken-word poet Jonas McCloud who won 3rd place in the poetry slam final.

Kat Francois

The Talented Kat Francois

The evening started at 6pm with Kat Francois welcoming everyone and introducing the Poetry Slam process. Francois’s persona works well in this warm and friendly environment. The audience are provided with voting cards to hold up for the poets they enjoy listening to. After three quick-rounds of slam-poetry a winner was chosen using their voting score.

Errol McGlashan

Word 4 Word Winner (9th June 2013) Errol McGlashan

An open-mic session separated the first and second round of the poetry slam. Featured poets recited poetry before the final round of the poetry slam. Performers on the night included; ‘Jam‘, ‘Slam The Poet‘ (2nd place Slam-Winner) and ‘Simon‘ (featured poet). The winner of the poetry slam Errol McGlashan won £50 and a bottle of champagne. Watch McGlashan’s ‘Black History month Special‘ in the video below;

I recommend Unsigned Sundays – Word 4 Word to anyone who enjoys listening to lyric, rhyme and having a good time. The venue is part of the upgraded Stratford area of East London where the London Olympics were hosted. Enjoy music, food and drink while watching London’s finest raw talent recite poetry which speaks more than words. Perfect for couples, friends or individuals who just want to get out the house on a Sunday evening. Unsigned Sundays is a perfect way to end the weekend.

    • Uncle Errol
    • June 10th, 2013

    Champagne? I dint get no champagne bruv; WHERE IS MY RAATID CHAMPAGNE!!! lol It’s cool I’ve given up drink ennit so it’s all good. I got some wicked birthday cake though

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