Deez: Drawing The Line

Drawing The Line‘ was exhibited at the Arch402 gallery by the artist Deez. Deez is a part of the art collective Guns ‘N’ Butta who presented the recent ‘Simpler Times‘ exhibit in Hoxton East London. This set of 3D anaglyph photographs are influenced by Deez past memories.

The images highlight the beauty of the human body. Without the 3D glasses the photographs look edgy and slightly distorted. Once I placed the 3D glasses on my face I was transferred  into another world as the photo’s took on a new futuristic persona as the subjects came alive.

I enjoyed analysing the photographs while listening to DJ Uncle’s hip-hop instrumentals in the gallery. The photographed subjects looked well formed but there was something deeper going on behind the ‘model-style’ photographs. The images seemed full of conflicting emotions and contrasting ideas.

I particularly enjoyed the interactiveness of this exhibit. The whole concept of wearing the paper 3D glasses was; fun, innovative and slick. As the first exhibit I viewed, it set the tone for my visit to the ‘Simpler Times‘ exhibition.

I look forward to seeing more of Deez work in the future.

    • Lady Legacy
    • June 13th, 2013

    Read them all Red 🙂

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