Guns ‘N’ Butta present: ‘Simpler Times’

Yesterday I visited the ‘Simpler Times‘ art exhibition at the Arch402 gallery in Hoxton, East London. This artistic event was hosted by the art collective who go by the name of, Guns ‘N’ Butta a.k.a GNB. Above you can watch an interview with GNB member Marz and get an exclusive inside view of the exhibit which included; 3D art, graphic design, photography, animation, clothing design, music and much more!

‘Simpler Times’ featured artwork from:


Oh! Dear




Saint BC

The concept of the ‘Simpler Times‘ exhibition focused on childhood memories and influences within the artist’s lives. Each piece individually presented something different yet combined to produce an environment full of London culture. DJ Uncle (an artist in his own right) set the tone of the evening with his playlist of hip-hop beats.

I liked the use of gallery space. Guns ‘N’ Butta are a very creative group of artists. I came across this exhibition by chance and was very happy to be there. Guns ‘N’ Butta are ones to watch for 2013 and beyond they are young London artists full of raw talant.

If your not used to art exhibitions or find them a bit too upmarket then I suggests you go to the next Guns ‘N’ Butta exhibition because you’ll be pleasantly surprised with their style of presentation. With my free bottle of pear cider and a hip-hop soundtrack to listen to I managed to get lost in a world of new art. I highly recommend Guns ‘N’ Butta to anyone who can attend any of their future exhibitions. After my visit to the ‘Simpler Times’ exhibition it was very clear that Guns ‘N’ Butta represent the future of modern art in London.

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