Senor Abstract: Simpler Times

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Senor Abstract presented his 3-Dimensional art-work at ‘The Simpler Times‘ exhibition at the  Arch 402 art gallery in Hoxton. I will update the name of the exhibit when I get hold of it. This detailed graphic piece is full of biographical images of the past.

The 3D effect is great but the use of language and text for me take the main stage. At first I wasn’t sure at what I was looking at. It took a while for me to understand the theme behind the captions. I enjoyed taking a tabloid glimpse into the life of Senor Abstract.

It feels like your reading a 3D comic-book/gossip magazine with a real-life story. This Abstract form of art is unique and original. I want to see more from Senor and look forward to what he is going to do next.

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