Janda: Simpler Times

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Guns ‘N’ Butta artist Janda brought a variety of artistic styles and cultural influences to the  ‘Simpler Times‘ exhibition at Arch 402. Janda presented a mixture of graphic design, illustration and sculpture. His art contained a theme of urban Asian-British culture to represent his past.

It was interesting for me to come out of my comfort zone and appreciate the Punjabi text used in ‘Oora Aira Eezy‘ one of Janda’s featured prints. The Punjabi text almost looked like English text as I leaned my head to try and work out if I could understand one of the words in a subliminal way.

Looking at Janda’s other exhibits; ‘In Loving Memory‘, ‘Type Toop‘ and ‘Ape Man‘ I learned that he pays attention to details that I may often overlook which I found refreshing. I tried to forget who I was and transport myself into a simple time which I have never experienced. I found this experience therapeutic.

I loved the ‘Ape Man‘ sculpture because it was created using paper and tape. I liked to used of the’ Apeman’ book as a prop; I found this sculpture funny and intelligent. Janda’s work was a pleasant surprise and I look forward to seeing more of his style of art in the future.

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