Marz: Simpler Times

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Designer, illustrator and videographer Marz showcased some of his clothing illustrations and designs at the Guns ‘N’ Butter  ‘Simpler Times’ exhibition. I liked how he utilised themes of animation and childhood memories. Marz explained the process of designing the two jackets on display.

Sometimes art can take years of inspiration before it comes to life. I like the confidence Marz has when designing his Teenage Ninja style jackets. I think Marz is a very talented designer with a multitude of creative ideas some of which are from his childhood.

I found the clothing Marz designed appealing. I did not notice the correlation with childhood animation when I first walked into the gallery. It was only when I studied the items closer that I noticed a link! I could see people wearing these garments if they were available in stores.

Talking to Marz and the other members of Guns ‘N’ Butter was inspiring. I will stay updated with what GNB will be up to in the future. Don’t forget to watch my short interview with Marz in the ‘Simpler Times‘ blog post.

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