Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner?

Holloway Road c1912

North London – Holloway Road c. 1912

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older but every now and then I get very nostalgic about my childhood memories of growing up in London. It’s these very memories which make others like myself very possessive over the city I was born. I identify more as a Londoner than I do as a British person. Even though I no longer live in North London I still have a strong association with Islington as my local neighborhood.

Anyway to cut a long story short I used the Google search engine to do some time travelling as I started to reminisce about the good old days before cable television, mobile phones and the internet. I wanted to see what London looked like before my grandparents arrived from the Caribbean before black people were a common part of this beautiful city. I did an image search for ‘Holloway Road 1890‘ and low and behold after clicking I was taken back over 100 years to the area which I know so well.

Holloway Road c1906

Nags Head Pub – Holloway Road c. 1906

It felt great looking at the Victorians. In a wierd way they look modern and ahead of their time even in the black and white images. The billboards, horse and carts, trams and 19th century people did not change my familiarity of the area. With all the major developments in London like the Olympic Stadium, Crossrail and The London Eye it is nice to appreciate the older original features of London.

The website History In Pictures allows you to search any area in London and look at how it used to look like. I think History in Pictures makes great light-entertainment clicking through the images of old school London because in a strange way it makes you feel young at the same time as getting a history lesson. You can download prints, mounted prints, canvas prints, tableware, mouse mats, framed prints and mugs online from History in Pictures and Francis Frith.

Crouch Hill

North London – Crouch Hill Station c.1906

Also if your interested Dissused Stations in London and around the UK you can have a look at train stations which no longer exist in your local area. The original plans of the Northern Heights Railway were never fully completed you can find out about original train route plans and tickets. I know train stations sound boring but you might be surprised by how much your local area has developed over the years! For me it was a real eye-opener of how classic North London and other parts of London have remained.

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  1. What a clever thing to do. What a lovely way to celebrate your hometown, especially because it’s more of a home-city. I personally love train stations, and I especially love business and restaurants that adopt and save them.

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