The View From The Streets: Immigration

Please take the time to watch this fantastic episode of ‘The View From The Streets: Immigration’. This Video features a series of interviews in Hackney (East London) and Wood Green (North London). The interviewees are real people giving real opinions on the controversial issue of immigration

It makes a refreshing change to hear Londoner’s express themselves, without the big media corporations like the BBC, or ITV getting involved in the editing process. This video blog was produced by WORLDBytesan independent media organisation which provides media training for individuals interested in working in media.

If your aged 16-25 and  interested in producing media with WORLDBytes, you can become a media volunteer for Citizen TV. The six week volunteer-learning package will provide you with ‘part-time’ work experience and a chance to produce fantastic television shows like the one above. You can apply to volunteer on the WORLDBytes website by clicking here.

All you need to do is watch three video clips and express your opinion by commenting on them. If your comments are well thought through, you will be invited to the next WORLDBytes introductory evening on Wednesday 24th July 2013. The introductory evening will take place at the WORLDBytes Hackney center, based in the E5 postcode area. If you know someone aged 16-25 that would be interested in this media volunteering opportunity, share this blog post with them via email.

In the meantime you can vote in the poll, or leave your thoughts in the comments section below:

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