Genesis Poetry Slam (JULY)

Genesis Poetry Slam

Genesis Poetry Slam

Having just arrived home from the Genesis Poetry Slam at the Genesis Cinema in Stepney Green. I am now ready to give you my personal review of my night out in Central East London. First and foremost I have to big-up the Genesis management on the refurbishment of this fantastic east end venue. I remember my previous visits to the Genesis: before the refurbishment and to be honest I did not value this venue as much as I do now.

The new exterior entrance doors allow the clientele to view the new box office, lounge area and cinema bar before entering the building. The interior decor is vintage yet modern: with leather lounge chairs in the foyer area, brick-work walls and the two stylish staircases to the upper level. The new studio 5 is fantastic and intimate; it is fitted with living room chairs and foot-stalls. Studio 5 also has a mini bar at the back of the cinema which sells beers and bottles of wine.

Genesis Poetry Slam

Genesis Poetry Slam Flyer

On my arrival to the Genesis Poetry Slam I decided to take advantage of The Kitchens specialty ‘£10 Pie and Mash‘ meal deal which came with a glass of beer or wine. I must say, on a normal day I would have eaten before I left the house; but today I fancied a treat for myself, so I happily parted with my tenner!

I have to be honest; I was extremely happy with; the Kitchen service, bar service, decor of the bar, quality of my Chicken and Mushroom pie, texture of the mashed potato, minty flavor of the peas, texture of the gravy, food presentation, customer service and my glass of Rose. I would recommend The Kitchens Pie and Mash Meal Deal to those looking for a quality meal or a special treat.

Genesis Cinema

The Kitchens ‘Pie and Mash’ £10 Meal Deal

Anyway, back to tonight’s poetry slam. The night included three rounds of 3 minute poetic performances from a range of poets including; Jameer, Tim ‘o’ Tet, Knowledge The WordsmithCharlie DupreEdward UniqueJ Mase IIIJonnas McCloud, Musalman, Asia, Chris Lawrence and Slam The Poet. The slam was held in the intimate and friendly Bar Paragon which was on the upper level: just outside cinema screen 1.

The room filled up quite nicely with most seats taken and a few people stood by the bar. The poets were scored based upon the reception they received from the crowd. Five in house judges scored each slam poet out of 10. I don’t think that the applause rating was enough for the judges to decide a clear winner among each poet. I clapped loudly for every poet which performed because they were all talented in their own way.  If I was a judge I would have also scored each poet based upon their performance style, originality, social relevance and  political context but maybe next time.

In the First Round in order of appearance:

  • Jameer scored ‘24‘ while performing a cleaver poem “Im Done With Poetry Night” which was negatively funny and very emotive.
  • Tim’o’tet recited a fantastically visual experience about multicultural Britain and growing up in ‘White City Estate’ in West London – The irony of the title in juxtaposition with his lyrical content is genius he scored ‘22‘.
  • Knowledge The Wordsmith kept the room motivated with his No Microphone performance. I enjoyed critical analytic poetic style of spoken word which mocked pop culture and media propaganda. He scored ‘26‘.
  • Charlie Dupre also went for the no mic style performance scoring a high score of ‘28‘ with his accent changing performance of masculinity identity in crisis: My Real Accent.
  • Edward Unique scored a ‘19‘ with a vulnerable performance combining technology and emotion: the Luther Vandross of poetry used a blackberry as his prop and reality as his focus. Ahead of his time, his style is unique.
  • J Mase III scored ‘26‘ with her autobiographical performance exposing a strained relationship with her farther and laying her soul bare on the stage to an explosion of applause.
  • Jonas McCloud Slammed his heart out with a social-political expression of life in 2013. The crowed were literally feeling him line after line; its amazing how he didn’t forget the next line. He scored a decent ‘25‘.
  • Musalman scored ‘20‘. He was one of my favorites and is one to watch out for in the future; his humorous performance poetry dealt with an Irish-Bangladeshi identity, terrorism and fantasy.
  • Asia scored ‘20‘ this newcomer had a depth to her poetry and a clear tone of voice, I look forward to hearing more.
  • Chris Lawrence scored ‘22‘ with his rhythm and rhyme which started of slow and built into a foot-tapping comedy infused performance.
  • Slam The Poet scored an impressive ‘28‘ with his passionate performance of ‘No Smoke Without Fire‘ which got the whole room clapping throughout his performance.

After the intense first round of poetry only two poets made it through to the second round, they were Charlie Dupre and Slam The Poet who both scored 28 in the first round. The Second round flew by very quickly as the time limit was still 3 minuets. Once the judges scores were collected after the second poetry slam round it was announced that Charlie Dupre was the July winner of the Genesis Poetry Slam. Charlie then got to recite one last poem (un-timed) in the third round; you can watch Charlie and Slam’s performance in the video below:

I was very impressed with the July The Genesis Poetry Slam. This is my second poetry slam (Unsigned Sundays) which I have attended in East London. This venue was fantastic and the event was free! I will keep you updated on future events and poetry nights at the  Genesis Cinema in Stepney Green/Whitechapple. And if there is a vacancy for a judge position I would very happy to take that up at the next GPS event.

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