Lil Kim Gives Love To Her London/UK Fans after (LoveboxGate)

Today has been epic! I can’t believe it! I met, The Queen of Rap, LIL KIM.

If you are not aware, yesterday Lil Kim was due to appear at the Lovebox Festival in East London. Lil Kim arrived at the event but due to circumstances out of her control, Lil Kim was unable to perform at this event. This led to, The Queen of Rap, holding a meet and greet session at the ANdAZ Hotel in Liverpool Street. You can watch the video below to see the fans waiting outside for The Notorious K.I.M.

My opinion on the whole Lovebox situation is this, you can’t book Lil Kim to headline and then try to shove her onto a small stage with a dry audience who don’t really listen to hip-hop! I blame the Lovebox directors for their dysfunctional organisation skills. Why didn’t Lovebox allow urban acts like; Charlie Wilson, D’Angelo, Iration Steppas, Jazzie B, Kelis, Lil Kim,  So Solid and Wiley to headline on an urban stage together? This would have brought a bigger urban audience to this predominantly dance music event.

I’m glad Lil Kim didn’t perform for whatever reason! I watched Kim perform at the 1997 Notting Hill Carnival which she rocked! The crowed went nuts as she rapped bar-for-bar in a sexy black transparent Gucci dress to; ‘All About The Benjamins‘, ‘Big Momma Thang‘ and ‘Not Tonight‘. I even caught one of the roses Kim threw into the audience. Kim needs an urban audience for her first UK come back: people who appreciate rap as an art form and not a bunch of middle-class dance music fans. Maybe then she can branch out to the wider demographic.

The problem with a lot of these London festivals is that they too often focus on pop acts. Lil Kim has recorded some pop tracks but she is a veteran Hip-Hop MC. Audiences need a, Hip-Hop festival or Main-Stage, where we can swear and mosh to our hearts content.  I know Kim is a slightly commercial brand but she needs to find more middle ground for her first UK performance. In my opinion, Lovebox was not the event Kim needed to be associated with in the first place. Kim should try a new approach next time round.

Although I was excited to see, Lil Kim, perform in my local area. I was not prepared to attend a Lovebox festival. I decided not to go because I knew I would not feel comfortable with the dance atmosphere there. On the Lovebox website they said that you can’t re-enter Victoria Park after you purchased your ticket. Meaning you had to pay to use their facilities all day. I’m a local and I would have liked to go home and re-enter or just turn up for Kim’s set leave then come back before closing. There was no way I was going to pay to party in my local park. I’m not a festival person and I don’t like being around smelly, drunk people.

I guess I got lucky when I read Lil Kim’s announcement on Twitter that she wasn’t going to perform because I was slightly bitter about not being able to see her first UK performance in years. Even though I knew I could have watched her performance online, I was annoyed that I would not feel comfortable at Lovebox and the fact that you have to stay on site for hours without being able to leave the park. I was hoping that she would pull out of the show after analyzing the quality of the event and the potential impact performing may have had on her career.

Before going to bed I checked for news updates on Lil Kim. The Daily Mail wrote an unsophisticated article about Lil Kim’s cancellation where the reporter referred to Kim as Tardy. I found this article disrespectful and uninformative as they did not get a quote from Kim herself. The only positive thing about the article was the photograph of Kim on site at the Lovebox festival, Kim looked good in comparison to Kelis who looked very strange.

I got a touch of luck when I woke up this morning and checked my Twitter. Kim sent a Tweet about a meet and greet in Liverpool Street. At first I thought it was a joke but because the hotel was not far from me I decided to go and have a look. I did not expect to see Kim when I arrived. I waited in a queue of an eclectic mix of people and soon got talking to the people I was stood next to. By 3:15pm the queue of fans were led to the hotel bar where the meet and greet took place.

Meeting Kim was great. Kim was down to earth, extremely polite and looked hot. Kim smelled nice and was happy to see me. I told Kim I saw her performance at the 1997 Notting Hill Carnival and she smiled with pride. I also got to meet the talented rapper Tiffany Foxx who was very friendly and sexy. Tiffany Foxx is a new female rapper on the Hip-Hop scene, from St. Louis and has collaborated a few times with Lil Kim on her recent mix-tape, they are also very good friends.

Lil Kim Tiffany Foxx

Lil Kim, Tiffany Foxx and RedGoldenChild: UK meet and greet

I got my ‘Source‘ magazine and ‘The Naked Truth‘ CD signed by Kim and left the building very happy. I was pleased that I got to meet Lil Kim without having to rely on the Lovebox experience. I’m glad that I didn’t have pay £50 to be trapped in my local park with a bunch of people I don’t normally mix with, who don’t really know Lil Kim’s lyrics. Now I look forward to paying for Kim’s new album and watching her perform at an appropriate event/venue.

I would like to send a shout out to all the hardcore UK Lil Kim fans, those who attended and to those who could not make it. I would like to big up the ANdEZ Hotel in Liverpool Street for helping to organize the meet and greet event at such a plush venue without behaving disrespectful and snobby. I would like to thank the Lil Kim’s street-team for their efforts and mostly I would like to thank Lil Kim for her autograph and hosting the meet and greet session today.

    • Karl
    • July 24th, 2013

    Good man! Congratulations. Cool photo, too.

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