Why Bother?

I am writing this post from my mobile phone. I have come to the conclusion that I should post more, even if its unplanned and random. I want to ask the question

what’s the point?


What’s the point? In regards to the so called recession. If the most of the developed world apart from China are in debt and refuse to support the working class then why bother? Why are you playing their game.

If the low interest rates determin your financial success and your public value or worth within your job and community, why are you continuing to be a surf and slave away while the wealthy employ you and pay you less than you are worth and don’t give you the promotion you deserve or are entitled to.


I say stop playing the game. Get up from your corporate desk and walk out. Go on welfare. Sell lemonade or Cakes at your local church. Travel around on your bike visiting friends and family.

Basically I am encouraging you to stop playing the game and do whatever the hell you want to do because you only have one life and you shouldn’t let money or politics control or dictate how you live your life.

I will develop this article more but I  had to start somewhere.

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