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Zero-Hour Hell

Right now as I write this post I am sat at a desk in a call center. I have lost all motivation to do the job and will not book any shifts next week. I am rebelling from the powers that be and refusing to play the game.

In this employee hell which I am living, I no longer choose to be the prawn in this game of psychological chess. The targets set are beyond logical and reasonable remit and are used as a weapon to scold members of staff. In this Zero-Hour hell, having a bad day can result in being sent home early without pay.

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Why Bother?

I am writing this post from my mobile phone. I have come to the conclusion that I should post more, even if its unplanned and random. I want to ask the question

what’s the point?

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Lil Kim Gives Love To Her London/UK Fans after (LoveboxGate)

Today has been epic! I can’t believe it! I met, The Queen of Rap, LIL KIM.

If you are not aware, yesterday Lil Kim was due to appear at the Lovebox Festival in East London. Lil Kim arrived at the event but due to circumstances out of her control, Lil Kim was unable to perform at this event. This led to, The Queen of Rap, holding a meet and greet session at the ANdAZ Hotel in Liverpool Street. You can watch the video below to see the fans waiting outside for The Notorious K.I.M.

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CLASS WARS: Holly Willoughby vs Katie Hopkins

This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby and guest Katie Hopkins discuss class and children’s names. Can you judge the character of a child by the name their parents gave them? Judgment is the theme of this heated discussion which the presenter decides to get emotionally involved in. Continue reading

Genesis Poetry Slam (JULY)

Genesis Poetry Slam

Genesis Poetry Slam

Having just arrived home from the Genesis Poetry Slam at the Genesis Cinema in Stepney Green. I am now ready to give you my personal review of my night out in Central East London. First and foremost I have to big-up the Genesis management on the refurbishment of this fantastic east end venue. I remember my previous visits to the Genesis: before the refurbishment and to be honest I did not value this venue as much as I do now.

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The View From The Streets: Immigration

Please take the time to watch this fantastic episode of ‘The View From The Streets: Immigration’. This Video features a series of interviews in Hackney (East London) and Wood Green (North London). The interviewees are real people giving real opinions on the controversial issue of immigration

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The Windrush: 65th Anniversary

The Empire Windrush brought the first wave of Jamaican’s (492) to the shores of Britain. Jamaican’s were the largest group of black migrants to arrive from  Caribbean to the UK. This year not only marks the 65th Anniversary of this momentous event; but it also allows the media to pay homage to the sacrifices that Black British people have made in order to live in Britain. Continue reading