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To Weave or not to Weave: That is the question?

Big Brothers Bit On The Side

Big Brothers Bit On The Side

While watching Channel 5’s, ‘Big Brothers Bit On The Side‘ (BBBOTS), on Friday 21st, June 2013. I noticed the banter, between the presenters AJ Odudu and Rylan Clark, turned to the subject of weave. While introducing a link to the adverts, AJ (the black female presenter) informed the audience to, “Hold on to your hats” in anticipation for more of the show, but before AJ could finish her link, Rylan, (ex X-Factor contestant), interrupted AJ, by shouting Hold on to your weave’s, as he grabbed and picked up the tail of AJ’s hair, and repeated himself. You can watch the video footage by clicking here.

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Saint BC: Simpler Times

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Guns ‘N’ Butta member Saint BC is a talented illustrator, animator and graphic designer. BC showcased his multifaceted style using protected art and illustrated print.  Saint BC is a confident artist with a bold style to match. BC’s prints present reality and fantasy in one combination.
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Dear Nicki Minaj…. Step Your Cookie Up!

Who is Onika Maraj?

Who is Onika Maraj?

The time has come for me to review ‘Nicki Minaj’s dwindling ‘rap’ career. I will provide a quick summery of her sharp rise to fame and try to understand the woman behind the mask. I want to understand who Onkia Tanya Maraj is and what she stands for! I will conclude by looking at the future of Onkia’s character and her role in hip-hop history.

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‘Rise Up’ – ‘Epic’ The Movie Theme Song (Review)

I have posted Beyonce’s new single ‘Rise Up‘ from the resent animation movie Epic which she also co-stars in.

This emotional and inspirational ballad encourages young people everywhere to have the inner confidence to be who they are. The words also relate to older people who try to be good role models to the younger people around them. ‘Rise Up‘ sounds like it should be included on Beyonce’s yet to be titled upcoming album. Continue reading

The Man Of Steel?

The Man Of Steel?

Why oh why, OH WHY do they keep making remakes of this film? Please give us a break! I will be giving this film a serious miss. There are only so many times I can watch Superman nearly die then survive to live again in yet another remake. Continue reading

The Backlash of “The Purge” (Part Of A The Hollywood Agenda?)

The Purge

The Purge (A Bad Influence?)

Forgive me for sounding like a conspiracy theorist but after watching the trailer for upcoming 2013 thriller ‘The Purge‘ I was concerned about the message this ‘Universal‘ film is sending to society. My concerns led me to think about the recent ‘Woolwich Attack‘ in London and the 2012 ‘Batman Killer‘ massacre in Colorado. Continue reading

Epic The Movie 3D – The Review

Today I took my little nephew to watch Epic in 3D. One of the main things which caught my attention about this movie was that it featured a performance from Beyonce. I did not expect too much from this film because it was aimed at children. I was surprised to enjoy the storyline and cinematography I am seriously thinking about buying ‘Epic’ on DVD.


Epic The Movie

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