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To Weave or not to Weave: That is the question?

Big Brothers Bit On The Side

Big Brothers Bit On The Side

While watching Channel 5’s, ‘Big Brothers Bit On The Side‘ (BBBOTS), on Friday 21st, June 2013. I noticed the banter, between the presenters AJ Odudu and Rylan Clark, turned to the subject of weave. While introducing a link to the adverts, AJ (the black female presenter) informed the audience to, “Hold on to your hats” in anticipation for more of the show, but before AJ could finish her link, Rylan, (ex X-Factor contestant), interrupted AJ, by shouting Hold on to your weave’s, as he grabbed and picked up the tail of AJ’s hair, and repeated himself. You can watch the video footage by clicking here.

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Beyonce: ‘Bow Down/I Been On’ (Review)

As you already know from my previous posts on Beyonce, she is currently working on her 5th studio album. The new album is yet to be titled but may include the tracks; Grown Woman, Standing On The Sun and Rise Up which have been circulating online and on radio. In the video above American gossip queen Wendy Williams and her guest panel discussed the track ‘Bow Down/I been on‘ at her ‘Hot Talk’ desk.
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LaTocha Scott – Show Off (Review)

LaTocha Scott

Ms Scott is Showing Off

Listen to this hot new slow-jam by one forth of platinum selling R&B group Xscape. This is perfect for the 80’s babies who appreciate real R&B singers and grown lyrics. LaTocha Scott goes hard on this track showing off her vocal talents and her sensual nature.

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Hidden Histories (Vol 2)

In this second part of ‘Hidden Histories‘ I will be exploring and exposing elements of Britain’s black culture  from periods before the 1960s commonwealth immigration. It will become evident to you that there is more to Great Britain’s history than meets the eye. Some of the information I have discovered while studying ‘Identity, difference and race’ during my time as a student at the University of East London. I have also come across other materials by accident during my leisure time searching the internet. Continue reading

Hidden Histories (Vol. 1)

If I was given £1 for each time I was asked ‘Where do you come from?‘ I would be a millionaire. Throughout my lifespan as a black man born in Britain I have constantly been reminded that being black and British are two things which the majority of the planet find hard to conjoin together as one. To be honest it’s not as if there is much commercial evidence of a black presence in Britain across the world in the mass media. You only have to analyse the British media which is exported around the globe and you may have a problem trying to identify a black person yet alone any type of Black British sub-cultures which may exist on a national level in Britain.

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The BLACK Outrage over Nirpal Dhaliwal!

Dear reader,

Sadly Yesterday I came across an article in the Evening Standard newspaper which was very dire. For those of you who may not be from London or the UK. The Evening Standard is a free newspaper available from vendors outside London Underground stations. The Evening Standard newspaper was previously sold in newsagents but since the introduction of the IPhone, IPad & Kindle newspapers have been struggling to survive the technical boom of recent times. Now advertisers pay free newspapers for advertising space while the articles mainly revolve around infotainment stories aimed at uneducated audiences. Continue reading

Human Rights For Child/Sex Abusers?

The Supreme Court have ruled it is illegal to force sexual offenders to be on the British sex offenders register without the right for an appeal to be taken off the list!

Supreme Court London

Inside the Supreme Court

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