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Pure Hype-Talk!

In this era of mass communication I understand that we all want to connect with each other and I’m not too old school to get down with the online methods of chit-chat but I’m getting kinda tired of the culture of online beg-friendship! I have nothing personal against Facebook, Blackberry Chat and all the rest but I think some people are using these facilities to over massage their egos! Who on earth really has over 200 friends all of whom they know by name? Continue reading


No Limit Project

The No Limit Project is massive! Today I came across the movement which is growing out of East London and reaching audiences as far as Russia. Continue reading

Join the Glee Club!

Ever wanted to perform a song but forget the lyrics?

Ever wanted to perform a song but had no instrumental track?

Ever wanted to perform at karaoke but couldn’t find one to go to?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this article is for you. Continue reading