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Why the term “Mixed-Race” is Racist!

The next time somebody uses the term ‘Mixed-Race’ to describe themselves or other individuals I challenge you to ask question “What race other than human are you talking about?“. Race was socially constructed by early Europeans to devalue and elevate human beings based upon physical attributes, national heritage and religious values.

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Kinshasa, black father holding his albino toddler

(Albinism) BLACK MAN the father of ALL SHADES of Child

Officially there is only one human race! The colour or hue of ones skin, does not change the race, of that particular human. The hierarchy of shade of skin, is influenced by biblical text and colonial rule. Europeans have long associated; pale skin, bread, rice and hair with being; spiritually pure, good and being closer to God.

“Cleanliness is next to godliness” John Wesley: (1778)

The term ‘Mixed-Race‘ is offensive to all human beings. ‘Mixed Race‘ promotes a fascist, neocolonialist ideology; whitewashing imperial history, while providing, ‘White privilege‘ for a minority of individuals, who fit the European prototype of beauty and acceptability. Continue reading


Hidden Histories (Vol 2)

In this second part of ‘Hidden Histories‘ I will be exploring and exposing elements of Britain’s black culture  from periods before the 1960s commonwealth immigration. It will become evident to you that there is more to Great Britain’s history than meets the eye. Some of the information I have discovered while studying ‘Identity, difference and race’ during my time as a student at the University of East London. I have also come across other materials by accident during my leisure time searching the internet. Continue reading

Avatar – A tale of many narratives

I have just finished watching Avatar and I must say this film was very touching. I feel like I have experienced what it must have felt like for the native Africans during the European Encounter of Africa in the Colonial 16th Century. The war scenes were extremely powerful. The theme of technology vs nature was also very touching. I recommend this film not just for this narrative interpretation but also for the artistic nature of the cinematography.



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Hidden Histories (Vol. 1)

If I was given £1 for each time I was asked ‘Where do you come from?‘ I would be a millionaire. Throughout my lifespan as a black man born in Britain I have constantly been reminded that being black and British are two things which the majority of the planet find hard to conjoin together as one. To be honest it’s not as if there is much commercial evidence of a black presence in Britain across the world in the mass media. You only have to analyse the British media which is exported around the globe and you may have a problem trying to identify a black person yet alone any type of Black British sub-cultures which may exist on a national level in Britain.

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Racial Cliches Challenged From A Black British Perspective

After posting my last blog post I have been inundated with responses on Facebook and Twitter. One response in particular from  a family member accused me of ‘baiting’ the ‘race’ issue! This did not sit well with me because as far as I was concerned my blog was written in response to Dhaliwal’s article in the Evening Standard. Continue reading