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Beyonce – Standing On The Sun (Live)

Mrs Cater takes in the sun

Beyonce as ‘Mrs Carter’


On 31st May 2013 Beyonce treated her audience at her Antwerp concert to an exclusive performance of her reggae infused hit ‘Standing On The Sun‘. You can read my previous review of this track here.

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Mr Adaggio – Pour It Up (Violin Version)

Watch Daj Jordan a.k.a Mr Adaggio perform his own freestyle rendition of Rihanna’s new joint ‘Pour It Up‘. It looks like I am not the only one who is feelin’ Riri’s new jam. Rihanna has been busy shooting an explicit adult themed video for this track which is soon to be released. Continue reading

Nelly Furtado – Showtime (Review)



Showtime is a classic R&B slow jam layered with sophisticated Janet Jackson style harmonies. Nelly Furtado showcases her full vocal capabilities on this track with a natural laid back R&B flow and sexy harmonies. It’s a shame that this track did not get released as a single but I get the feeling that Furtado’s record label may have had concerns with her artistic direction.

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Phoebe Osborne

Check out this special short documentary of the wonderful Phoebe Osborne who performed at the UEL MayFest 2010.

Phoebe’s performance was outstanding as she sang with her piano and support from cello player Luca Nasciuti. The audience enjoyed listening to the melodies and lyrical content produced by Phoebe. Her vocals empathised her experiences in a haunting yet soothing manner.

Bubbly Bubbly

It was an amazing opportunity to get to meet up with one third of the headline act K.I.G The infamous Bubbly is a talented performer and I will be following the crew and posting relevant updates on my blog. Please check out my footage of Bubbly on stage at the Indigo O2 for the UEL Summer Ball 2010 event.

Underground Unit @ Summer Ball

Check out the performance and interview from Underground Unit who were at the UEL Summer Ball 2010. Check out the MySpace page for information on the album and tour dates plus the new video for the song ‘Internet Girl’. Check out the interview below.

Donaeo Summer Ball

Yesterday I was backstage as the Indigo O2 where I got a chance to film some of the UEL Summer Ball 2010 performances.

One of the headline acts of the night was Donaeo who put down an excellent crowed pleasing performance which you can check out below-listen out for the special shout out at the end of the video.