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No Limit Project

The No Limit Project is massive! Today I came across the movement which is growing out of East London and reaching audiences as far as Russia. Continue reading


Join the Glee Club!

Ever wanted to perform a song but forget the lyrics?

Ever wanted to perform a song but had no instrumental track?

Ever wanted to perform at karaoke but couldn’t find one to go to?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this article is for you. Continue reading

A Work Of Art

Ever heard of Mona Lisa?


What if I told you that she was not the creation of Leonardo da Vinci What would your answer be?

How about 1996 recording artist ‘Mona Lisa’

Well that’s who I’m talking about! The first single ‘Can’t Be Wasting My Time’ featured The Lost Boys and was taken from the album “11-10-79” . ‘Can’t Be Wasting My Time’ was recorded when this young lady was only seventeen years old. This song was just a small introduction to the vocal capabilities of this young diva!

Continue reading