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Genesis Poetry Slam (JULY)

Genesis Poetry Slam

Genesis Poetry Slam

Having just arrived home from the Genesis Poetry Slam at the Genesis Cinema in Stepney Green. I am now ready to give you my personal review of my night out in Central East London. First and foremost I have to big-up the Genesis management on the refurbishment of this fantastic east end venue. I remember my previous visits to the Genesis: before the refurbishment and to be honest I did not value this venue as much as I do now.

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Slam The Poet “No Old Smoke Without Fire”

This is a rendition of ‘Slam The Poet’s‘ ‘No Old Smoke Without Fire‘. Tom a.k.a ‘Slam‘ performed this poem in the first round of the ‘Unsigned Sundays – Word 4 Word‘ poetry jam on 9th June 2013; where he achieved 2nd place in the final round of the poetry slam.

At 19 years old ‘Slam‘ performs cutting-edge poetry dealing with the social issues of being a Londoner in 2013. ‘Slam‘ is a leader among his peers, he also has the ability to stand-up next to more seasoned poets who have been reciting poetic rhyme religiously for years.

Slam The Poet‘ is one to watch for 2013 and I will keep you updated about his future appearances and poems.

Unsigned Sundays – Word 4 Word

Word 4 Word

Open-Mic Night, Theater Royal Stratford East.

Last night I attended the brilliant ‘Unsigned Sundays – Word 4 Word‘ poetry slam/open-mic night at the Theater Royal Stratford East. This fantastic free event was hosted in an intimate bar by; Award-Winning, World Slam Champion, poet, playwright, comedienne (et al.Kat FrancoisI was invited to this amazing event by the skillful spoken-word poet Jonas McCloud who won 3rd place in the poetry slam final. Continue reading

Poetry in Motion

Poetry is life!

From Hip-Hop to film poetry is the tool for communicating real emotion.

There are many who believe they have no understanding of the natural rhythm  of words yet at the same time they appreciate the poetic flows of rappers like Jay-Z, Tupac & Biggie Smalls. Its not just the music industry that is full of poetic language but also television and film are visually encoded with poetic meaning within the scripts and visual production of films like Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter and The Matrix.

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