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Social-Violence: A Part Of Human Nature?

Saatchi & Lawson

Saatchi & Lawson

Has violence become a naturalized element of our primitive past in modern day society. Can only the rich and wealthy afford to get away with murder? The reason I ask this question is because of the hypocritical politically-correct ideology that people should not express physical emotions of anger. There is a thin line between love and hate; and due to the recent emergence of mass digital communications, anger (an emotion which was previously easy to hide) has become one of the most dominant emotions of social media.

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No Limit Project

The No Limit Project is massive! Today I came across the movement which is growing out of East London and reaching audiences as far as Russia. Continue reading

Join the Glee Club!

Ever wanted to perform a song but forget the lyrics?

Ever wanted to perform a song but had no instrumental track?

Ever wanted to perform at karaoke¬†but couldn’t find one to go to?

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